Update: Detroit Lions get HUGE BOOST vs. Green Bay Packers!

Update: Detroit Lions get HUGE BOOST vs. Green Bay Packers!

Earlier this morning, we passed along a report from NFL insider Tom Pelissero that LT Taylor Decker and RB David Montgomery will not be playing for the Detroit Lions on Thursday Night Football against the Green Bay Packers. As I was writing that article, I may or may not have said a little prayer asking for Pelissero to be incorrect about his report. Well, fast forward to the present, and that prayer has been answered!

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Taylor Decker and David Montgomery WILL SUIT UP vs. Packers

Not long after Pelissero’s report, Justin Rogers of the Detroit News reported the exact opposite.

“I’ve been informed by a team source that Decker and Montgomery will suit up tonight and the NFL Network report from this morning is incorrect,” Rogers posted.

After Rogers reported the truth, Pelissero apologized for his error.

“Correction: #Lions RB David Montgomery and LT Taylor Decker ARE playing tonight against the #Packers. CB Emmanuel Moseley is NOT playing. There was a miscommunication, and I will just have to eat this one. I apologize for the error,” Pelissero said.

Emmanuel Moseley Will Have To Wait

Pelissero originally reported that Moseley will make his Detroit Lions’ debut tonight against the Packers, but that is also a false report. Moseley WILL NOT be playing on Thursday Night Football, and he will have to wait at least one more week to suit up for Detroit.

TL;DR (too long didn’t read)

  1. Initial Report Error: Earlier, NFL insider Tom Pelissero reported that LT Taylor Decker and RB David Montgomery would not be playing for the Detroit Lions on Thursday Night Football against the Green Bay Packers, causing concern among fans.
  2. Correction and Relief: Subsequently, Justin Rogers of the Detroit News provided a reassuring update, stating that Decker and Montgomery would indeed be suiting up for the game, contrary to Pelissero’s initial report. This correction brought relief to Lions fans.
  3. Moseley’s Debut Delayed: While Pelissero initially reported that CB Emmanuel Moseley would make his debut for the Lions, this too turned out to be incorrect. Moseley will not be playing on Thursday Night Football and will have to wait for his opportunity.

Bottom Line: GREAT NEWS!

The pre-game excitement took a rollercoaster ride with conflicting reports regarding the availability of key players for the Detroit Lions. Ultimately, the corrected information brings relief, with Decker and Montgomery ready to contribute, while Moseley’s debut will have to wait a bit longer. Now, the Lions will try to move to 3-1 on the season when they invade Lambeau Field to take on the Packers.

Written by W.G. Brady

W.G. Brady is a Detroit-based journalist who has been covering the Detroit sports scene for Detroit Sports Nation for several years. He is in his early 30s and has a wealth of experience in the industry. Throughout his career, W.G. has established himself as a respected and knowledgeable journalist known for his in-depth coverage of the teams and athletes in Detroit. With a keen eye for detail and a passion for sports, W.G. has become a go-to source for fans and readers looking for the latest news and analysis on the Detroit sports scene. He has a good reputation in the sports community and is respected for his unbiased coverage of sports events. W.G. is known for his ability to uncover hidden stories and provide unique perspectives on the teams and athletes he covers. He has a good understanding of the city of Detroit and its sports culture, which he uses to inform his reporting and analysis. He continues to be a respected journalist in the Detroit sports industry.

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