Urban Meyer addresses coaching future amid speculation

Urban Meyer's coaching future seems all but settled and its not good news for Spartan fans.

Bad news, Michigan State Spartan fans, Urban Meyer's coaching future is settled. He recently addressed the rumors and speculations surrounding his return to coaching football. Meyer, whose coaching hiatus began in 2021 and his last college coaching stint was in 2018, is currently serving as an analyst for Fox Sports. He was direct about his coaching future and said he has “no desire” to return to coaching, providing a clear stance on his future plans.

Urban Meyer's coaching future

Dismissing the Rumors: Meyer's Reaction to Job Openings

While the question that prompted Meyer's response did not specify a particular job opening, his name has cropped up in relation to various coaching positions, including the Notre Dame vacancy in 2021 and, more recently, the Michigan State opening.

“I am good,” Meyer asserted. He went on to share his challenging journey, which included health issues and an addiction to sleeping pills. Meyer's relentless work ethic, which made him a coaching legend, took a toll on his well-being, and his recovery and newfound priorities seem to have shifted his focus away from coaching.

One particular coaching rumor that Meyer addressed during the conversation was the Michigan State job opening following Mel Tucker's departure amid allegations of sexual misconduct. Meyer's colleague at Fox Sports, Bruce Feldman, had already quashed the notion of Meyer's interest in the MSU role, stating there was “zero truth” to his candidacy.

The bottom line

Meyer's coaching journey, which included two national titles at Florida and one at Ohio State, came to an abrupt end when he was fired during a partial season with the Jacksonville Jaguars in 2021. He initially expressed a strong desire to return to coaching in the immediate aftermath of his Jacksonville exit. However, that sentiment appears to have evolved over time.

As Meyer maintains his non-coaching path, it appears that his focus has shifted towards personal well-being and family, with no immediate intentions to return to the demanding world of football coaching.

TL;DR (too long didn't read)

  1. Urban Meyer decisively states he has “no desire” to return to coaching football.
  2. Meyer shares his journey, including health challenges and a shift in priorities.
  3. Insights into the modern coaching landscape shed light on Meyer's decision to stay on the sidelines.