Urban Meyer is proven winner and proven quitter, Detroit Lions should take hard pass

On Sunday, reports surfaced that two NFL teams were doing their research on Urban Meyer as they attempt to find the perfect head coach to lead their franchise into the future. One team who has been suggested as a potential fit for Meyer is the Detroit Lions, who recently hired former Ohio State LB Chris Spielman to advise owner Sheila Ford Hamp and Rod Wood as they search for a head coach and general manager.

I am here to tell anyone who will listen that Meyer is a quitter and the Lions should take a hard pass.

First of all, I have to give Meyer his props as he is one of the most successful college football head coaches in history.

But the Lions need to hire a coach who is committed to being around long-term and “committed” is not a word in Meyer’s vocabulary.

As noted by Peter King in his Football Morning in America for Week 16, Meyer’s track record of quitting has been well-documented.

Here is a reminder in case you had forgotten.

December 2009. At age 45, announced he would resign as Florida coach due to health reasons.
March 2010. Announced he was not resigning. Announced he would return as Florida coach.
December 2010. Announced he would resign as Florida coach.
November 2011. Announced he was taking the job as Ohio State coach.
December 2018. At age 54, announced he would resign at Ohio State for health reasons.

I hope Meyer is in fine fettle and, if he wants to coach, he does so for a long time in good health. But I know if I’m interviewing him, we’d spend quite a bit of time on his health, and dive deep into why he quit high-profile college jobs at 45, 46 and 54.

A year ago almost to the day, Meyer gave a very uncommitted answer when asked about whether or not he will coach again. “I think I’m done coaching.”

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Was Urban Meyer a great head coach? Yep. Would he be a great head coach if he took over an NFL team? Maybe. Do I want him as head coach of the Detroit Lions? Absolutely not!

I don’t care who recommends Meyer to the Lions, they should take a hard pass on a proven quitter.

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1 thought on “Urban Meyer is proven winner and proven quitter, Detroit Lions should take hard pass”

  1. It seems W.G. Brady fails to grasp the concept of journalism, or at least fails to give specific details to concrete his claim.

    First he gives 5 dates of moves Meyer made. He wants to pass along the notion that Meyer cannot commit. Well lets look at the “quitting Florida” He announces it in 2009, but recanted and came back in March 2010, only to finally call it quits after the next year. So to count this as quitting twice? Eh… kinda steep. Then his next depature isnt until 2018. I mean 7 years is one heck of a long time for an NFL coach, am I wrong? Especially the Lions??? And lets not forget, this isnt a nick saban, “I want to coach at Alabama” who was also in Miami, and LSU, and… so why are we talking about Meyer like this?

    The problem with most Lions fans, is that they are also MICHIGAN fans. So to me, it seems we got some negativity towards a man who kicked our butts for 7 straight years, and we cant let that go?

    Whatever the reason. Meyer is an amazing coach that instills a great work ethic without the “Patricia demoralization” in the Locker room. Y ou want to see the Lions win? Time to suck up your pride and look at the facts the way they are, not the way you want to see them.

    Horse s$!# journalism bro, you should be ashamed of yourself.

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