Victor Martinez and Alex Avila look back at one of Miguel Cabrera’s most memorable at-bats [Video]

Detroit Tigers slugger Miguel Cabrera was less than a year removed from his historic Triple Crown season in 2012 when he made history against a future Hall of Fame pitcher.

On August 9, 2013, Cabrera became the first batter to hit home runs in consecutive at-bats against legendary New York Yankees closer, Mariano Rivera.

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As you will see in the video below, even Rivera couldn't believe it!

Here is a look at Cabrera's former teammates Victor Martinez and Alex Avila looking back at one of his most-memorable at-bats with the Tigers.

Check it out.

Sannes' Win Total Projections: 5 Bets to Make Based on Opening 2022 Win Totals

It's a betting bonanza kind of week. We had the women's basketball national championship last night with the men on tap Monday.

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Then we sprint to Thursday with The Masters and MLB opening day at the same time.

But the NFL had to stick its snoot in the action, too.

Last Friday, FanDuel Sportsbook posted its first win totals for the 2022 season. As if there weren't enough already on our plates.

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We could ignore these for a bit until the non-NFL sports start to chill out. But then we're missing out on — potentially — the softest numbers we'll get all year. We want to pepper these before the market grinds them into efficiency.

As such, let's run through just the spots where my numbers differ most from the market in order to pick off the biggest values. Then we can circle back and run through more bets later on.

Here are the five totals where my win total projections differ from the market by at least one win. As a note, I omitted the Seattle Seahawks over 5.5 (-130) because my numbers are currently assuming DK Metcalf will return. A trade there would make their projection much lower than its current mark of 6.7.

Rams Under 10.5 Wins (-135)

Ah, yes, betting against the defending Super Bowl champs. You massive fish. You dolt. You moron.

But here, a bet of the Los Angeles Rams under 10.5 wins is less about them and more about the teams they'll face.

My numbers do view the Rams favorably. They're within shouting distance of sixth in my power rankings, so if they were to add one more piece on offense, they'd be considered a legit Super Bowl contender.

But not only do they get the schedule of a divisional winner (meaning they're paired with other divisional winners), they also have to face the AFC West. This upcoming year, they will face the Green Bay PackersKansas City Chiefs, and Tampa Bay Buccaneers all on the road. Those are three of the top four teams in my power rankings, and they'll also face the fifth-place Los Angeles Chargers in a battle for LA.

I've got the Rams closer to 9.5 wins than 10.5. If this were just based on team strength, I'd view this market as being accurate. But once you account for the schedule, the under here is appealing even at heavy juice.

To see the rest of the best bets, please click here.

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