Way TOO early prediction for Detroit Lions vs. Baltimore Ravens

It's time to make a Detroit Lions vs. Baltimore Ravens way too early prediction as the train keeps on a rollin'

After securing their fourth win in a row against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, the Detroit Lions turn their attention to the Baltimore Ravens. The Ravens are traveling back home from their matchup in London against the Tennessee Titans, a matchup they won 24-16. The Lions for their own part have been playing to best football around the league for the first time in some of our lifetimes. So, with the matchup at M&T Bank Stadium on Sunday afternoon, let's make a way too early prediction.

Detroit Lions starting defense

Jameson Williams will get to impress someone he admires

First, let's address the large, black, and purple elephant in the room. It doesn't take much recall to remember the offseason drama that occurred with Lamar Jackson and the Ravens. That drama included the Lions too. So much drama and speculation occurred, that even leaked into the locker room of the Lions. Harmless or not, Jameson Williams liked some things on social media that were questionable at best. There's nothing wrong with daydreaming, heck we did it too. But the Lions are better off with Jared Goff, and that's been proved over the last six weeks.

There's nothing wrong with being a fan of someone you watched play when you were in High School and dreaming of playing with that person. But, more than liking a social media post, Jamo should concern himself with balling out this week, as he did against the Bucs, and getting that hand slap after the game from Lamar telling him he played well.

Detroit Lions vs. Baltimore Ravens numbers

This matchup, on the surface, will be very much like this last weekend against the Bucs. Two very talented teams that will contend for a playoff spot. The difference between this week and last is that the Ravens are a better team, with a better quarterback, which is really what held the Bucs back. Their defense is stout and their offense can put numbers on the board.

On offense, they score roughly 22 points per game, but they only give up 15 points on defense per game through their first six games. They are apt at creating turnovers on defense and putting their offense in position to put points on the board.

The Lions are scoring more per game than the Ravens, netting 28 points per game over their first six weeks. And, the defense is giving up slightly more than the Ravens, 18 points per game. But, one of the bigger differences is the amount of turnovers they create. They are slightly behind the Ravens in this category and will need to do what they did to the Bucs, creating a turnover and protecting the ball on offense.

The game is going to come down to the rushing attack of the Ravens vs. the run defense of the Lions. The Ravens are putting up 144 yards on the ground per game, while the Lions are a top-rushing defense, giving up 64.7 yards per game.

Let's make a way too early prediction

It's hard to not want to continue to ride the wave that currently exists in Detroit. This next stretch of three games against the Ravens, Las Vegas Raiders (MNF), and Los Angeles Chargers will be their toughest stretch for the rest of the season. If they were to drop another game, it would be during this stretch, with maybe a possibility toward the end of the season.

But based on what we saw on Sunday, it's really hard to be against this defense. They will contain Lamar to the best of their ability, which will be enough for Goff and the offense. Look for lower scoring and a much closer game, this time with the Lions winning on a field goal 24-21.