Week 14 AP Top 25 Poll: Changes In The Top 10 As Championship Week Is Upon Us

The Week 14 AP Top 25 Poll just dropped and there are multiple changes In the Top 10.

Week 14 AP Top 25 Poll: Changes In The Top 10 As Championship Week Is Upon Us

As the college football season marches towards its climactic championship week, the Week 14 AP Top 25 Poll unveils some significant shifts within its top 10 rankings. These changes come at a crucial juncture, setting the stage for the high-stakes battles that will ultimately define the playoff landscape. The poll, a barometer of team performances and expectations, reflects the results of key matchups and anticipates the upcoming championship clashes that have fans and analysts alike brimming with anticipation.

AP Top 25 Poll

Week 14 AP Top 25 Poll

The latest Top 15 Poll has been unveiled, and as you can see, thanks to Michigan football's 30-24 win over Ohio State, there have been some changes at the top of the rankings.

RankTeamConferenceRecordTrendThis WeekPoints
1GeorgiaSoutheastern12-0@ Georgia Tech W 31-231540 (52)
2MichiganBig Ten12-0+1vs. Ohio State W 30-241495 (10)
3WashingtonPac-1212-0+1vs. Washington State W 24-211413 (0)
4Florida StateAtlantic Coast12-0+1@ Florida W 24-151358 (0)
5OregonPac-1211-1+1vs. Oregon State W 31-71277 (0)
6Ohio StateBig Ten11-1-4@ Michigan L 24-301251 (0)
7TexasBig 1211-1vs. Texas Tech W 57-71205 (0)
8AlabamaSoutheastern11-1@ Auburn W 27-241125 (0)
9MissouriSoutheastern10-2+1@ Arkansas W 48-141011 (0)
10Penn StateBig Ten10-2+1@ Michigan State W 42-0961 (0)
11RebelsSoutheastern10-2+1@ Mississippi State W 17-7936 (0)
12OklahomaBig 1210-2+1vs. TCU W 69-45857 (0)
13LSUSoutheastern9-3+1vs. Texas A&M W 42-30809 (0)
14ArizonaPac-129-3+2@ Arizona State W 59-23712 (0)
15LouisvilleAtlantic Coast10-2-6vs. Kentucky L 31-38689 (0)
16Notre DameIA Independents9-3+1@ Stanford W 56-23592 (0)
17TulaneAmerican Athletic11-1+1vs. UTSA W 29-16557 (0)
18IowaBig Ten10-2+2@ Nebraska W 13-10458 (0)
19Oklahoma StateBig 129-3+2vs. BYU W 40-34407 (0)
20LibertyConference USA12-0+2@ UTEP W 42-28293 (0)
21North Carolina StateAtlantic Coast9-3vs. North Carolina W 39-20269 (0)
21Oregon StatePac-128-4-6@ Oregon L 7-31269 (0)
23ToledoMid-American11-1@ Central Michigan W 32-17176 (0)
24James MadisonSun Belt11-1@ Coastal Carolina W 56-14121 (0)
25SMUAmerican Athletic10-2vs. Navy W 59-14108 (0)


Tennessee 98, Clemson 57, Kansas St. 41, Utah 40, Troy 7, Kansas 6, New Mexico St. 5, Kentucky 4, Memphis 1, North Carolina 1, Miami (Ohio) 1.

TL;DR (too long didn't read)

  1. Michigan's Rise to No. 2: Michigan Football's notable 30-24 victory over Ohio State has led to a significant shift in the rankings, propelling them to the No. 2 spot in the Week 14 AP Top 25 Poll.
  2. Ohio State's Fall in Rankings: Following their loss to Michigan, Ohio State has experienced a notable drop, falling from the top ranks to No. 6.
  3. Top Teams Holding Steady: Despite some shifts within the top 10, teams like Georgia (No. 1), Washington (No. 3), and Florida State (No. 4) have maintained their strong positions, indicating their consistent performance and dominance in the season.
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Bottom Line: Changes At The Top

The Week 14 AP Top 25 Poll underscores the dynamic and competitive nature of college football, especially as the season nears its championship week. Michigan's ascent and Ohio State's descent in the rankings are indicative of how pivotal games can dramatically alter the playoff landscape. As teams gear up for the final stretch, the rankings reflect not just past achievements but also set the tone for the decisive battles ahead, keeping fans and analysts eagerly anticipating the outcomes of these high-stakes games.