Week 7 AP Top 25 Poll: No. 2 Michigan Football continues to roll

The Week 7 AP Top 25 Poll has been released. Find out who moved up, moved down, moved in, and moved out.

Week 7 AP Top 25 Poll: No. 2 Michigan Football continues to roll

Week 6 of the 2023 college football season is in the books, and there were a few upsets along the way. Just moments ago, the Week 7 AP Top 25 Poll was released, and there has been plenty of movement, including Notre Dame dropping like the temperature after losing to Louisville.

AP Top 25 Poll

AP Top 25 poll

1 Georgia (50)

2 Michigan (11)

3 Ohio St (1)

4 FSU (1)

5 Oklahoma

6 Penn St.

7 Washington

8 Oregon

9 Texas

10 USC

11 Alabama

12 UNC

13 Ole Miss

14 Louisville

15 Oregon St.

16 Utah

17 Duke


19 Wash St (tie)

19 Tennessee (tie)

21 Notre Dame

22 LSU

23 Kansas

24 Kentucky

25 Miami


Missouri 69, Wyoming 42, Air Force 41, Wisconsin 41, Tulane 27, West Virginia 26, Clemson 17, Maryland 9, Iowa 7, James Madison 7, Texas A&M 5.

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Why it Matters

One week ago, the No. 2 Michigan Wolverines had 12 first-place votes, compared to 35 for No. 1 Georgia. Now, Michigan, despite their 52-10 win over Minnesota, received 11 first-place votes compared to 50 for Georgia.

TL;DR (too long didn't read)

  1. AP Top 25 Shakeup: Week 6 of the 2023 college football season witnessed some unexpected outcomes and upsets. The release of the Week 7 AP Top 25 Poll reflects significant changes in the rankings, with several teams experiencing movement.
  2. Notre Dame's Drop: Notably, the Notre Dame Fighting Irish experienced a significant drop in the rankings due to their recent loss to Louisville. This loss had a notable impact on their position within the AP Top 25.
  3. Michigan's Shift: The Michigan Wolverines, despite a dominant 52-10 victory over Minnesota, saw a shift in their first-place votes. While they held 12 first-place votes the previous week, they now have 11, with the majority of first-place votes going to No. 1-ranked Georgia.

Bottom Line: Half the Season is Over

The Week 7 AP Top 25 Poll indicates a dynamic and ever-changing college football landscape, with teams experiencing fluctuations in their rankings based on their recent performances. Michigan's slight shift in first-place votes reflects the ongoing competition at the top of the rankings.