What happens if Dan Campbell and Brad Holmes disagree on a roster decision?

What happens if Dan Campbell and Brad Holmes disagree? Campbell has given us a bit of a look into the process. Hint: They do not arm wrestle.

What happens if Dan Campbell and Brad Holmes disagree on a roster decision?

On a recent Tuesday, Dan Campbell, head coach of the Detroit Lions, provided a glimpse into the intricate dance of roster decision-making he navigates with general manager, Brad Holmes. Describing the roster selection process as a “huge puzzle,” Campbell revealed the delicate balance of opinion and collaboration. While both Campbell and Holmes maintain open communication channels, they generally keep their individual evaluations separate until the final meetings.

Dan Campbell and Brad Holmes disagree

What did Dan Campbell Say?

Campbell light-heartedly mentioned resorting to a coin flip or arm wrestling in case of disagreement but quickly assured that serious disputes simply haven’t arisen.

“It’s a huge puzzle,” he said, “and Brad and I sat down last night and just tentatively started discussing it in depth. We’ve — obviously we talk all the time, but really we try to, we kind of try to stay out of each other’s way and gather our own opinions.”

“So yesterday was our first time to really, ‘Hey, how do you feel? How do you feel?’ ” Campbell said. “And I’d say we’re pretty aligned. I mean, we really are.”

“We’ll just flip a coin,” he said casually.

The essence of their relationship is to find consensus, ensuring both parties either share in the satisfaction or discontent of a decision.

“We don’t,” he said, “we don’t. That doesn’t come up. We’ve never had a ‘Well, who's going?’

“I mean, we figure it out. We figure it out. We always do. And we either — both of us are happy or both of us are not happy.”

TL;DR (too long didn't read)

  1. Dan Campbell and Brad Holmes prioritize independent evaluations before merging views on roster decisions.
  2. Their recent conversation demonstrated significant alignment in perspectives.
  3. In rare cases of disagreement, the emphasis is on consensus over contention.
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Bottom Line – Two Heads, One Lion’s Heart

The unity showcased by Campbell and Holmes is both refreshing and essential. The Detroit Lions are in the unique position of having two leaders who, while valuing independent assessments, understand the importance of unity in decision-making. While playful banter about coin tosses and arm wrestling brings a touch of humor, it underscores a deeper truth: the team's leadership is dedicated to collaboration and consensus. This bodes well for the Lions' future, and fans can rest easy knowing that their team is helmed by individuals who prioritize collective success over individual viewpoints.