Will the Detroit Lions make the 2022 NFL Playoffs? We have the answer

The question everybody wants an answer for is, "Will the Detroit Lions make the 2022 NFL Playoffs?"

Will the Detroit Lions make the 2022 NFL Playoffs? Can you believe that we are just five days away from Christmas and we are asking that question about the Lions? Well, thanks to the Lions winning six of their past seven games, that is the question that just about everybody is asking, both at the local level and at the national level. With just three games remaining, the Lions are currently 7-7, and if things go correctly for them in Week 16, they will control their own destiny!

Detroit Lions NFL Playoffs

Will the Detroit Lions make the 2022 NFL Playoffs?

As we speak, the current NFC Playoff picture is as follows:

1) Eagles: 13-1

2) Vikings: 11-3

3) 49ers: 10-4

4) Bucs: 6-8

5) Cowboys: 10-4

6) Giants: 8-5-1

7) Commanders: 7-6-1

— Seahawks: 7-7

–Lions: 7-7

–Packers 6-8

–Panthers, Falcons, Saints: 5-9

As you can see, the Lions are still on the outside looking in, but that could all change by Christmas Day.

In fact, if the Lions beat the Panthers (Lions are favored), the Chiefs beat the Seahawks (Chiefs are favored), and the 49ers beat the Commanders (49ers are favored), the Lions would hold the No. 7 spot in the NFC.

If those things happen, the Lions would control their own destiny in terms of making the NFL Playoffs.

In my opinion, all three of those things will happen, which brings the question, will the Lions take care of business against the Bears in Week 17 and the Packers in Week 18 to secure their playoff spot?

The answer to that question is… YES!

This Lions team is not only on a mission, but they are also a much better team than any of their remaining opponents. Yes, the Panthers are also fighting for a playoff spot, but the Lions should handle their business on Christmas Eve.

Ladies and Gents, I declare that OUR Detroit Lions WILL go to the 2022 NFL Playoffs!

What do you think?