Young and rich: what hobbies do NFL players enjoy?

Catching up on the latest sports news is always worthwhile and helps you get closer to your favorite team or players. One of the most popular sports to keep up to date with is the NFL, and it’s certain that fans of top franchises like the Kansas City Chiefs love to do this. 

While this usually involves watching games, checking out results, and tracking team news when the season is on, it can look a little different in the off-season. For NFL players as well, the offseason is a time when they get the chance to recover somewhat and spend time away from the game. Many NFL stars will use this time (and downtime in the regular season when not training or playing) to indulge in their hobbies. 

But which are the most common hobbies for the young, rich players in football’s top competition?

Online casino gaming

Although active NFL players under contract cannot bet on their own sport, playing fun casino games is something that is allowed. In the digital age, this sees many football pros spend their downtime playing at the latest online casinos. 

This is not surprising when you consider it enables them to play from home with no hassle from the public – and gives them something exciting to do away from the game. Although he may be retired now, Tom Brady is a well-known NFL player who loved casino gaming.

This is also a hobby that footballers in other leagues can pursue to relax when not playing – as long as iGaming is allowed where they are living. Players in the Canadian Football League are a good example and are able to play fun games at offshore casinos or platforms that are licensed provincially.

Ontario is a particular hotspot for iGaming in the country and this means players for the Argonauts, Redblacks and Tiger-Cats can all relax at online casinos that have put effort into specializing for Ontario residents, like Comeon


Most people know that NFL players are well paid, especially for the league’s top stars. Lamar Jackson’s $52 million contract with the Ravens is a good example, as is Jalen Hurt’s big-money deal at the Eagles. 

It is not a surprise therefore that a lot of NFL players list shopping as a hobby. This often sees players hitting the most exclusive stores where they are based to pick up designer clothes, high-end jewelry, or cool watches. 

When it comes to really splashing the cash, fancy cars, and expensive houses are also something they love to buy. Although the latest DeAndre Hopkins news may be about where he will be playing next season, he is also known for being into his clothes, while people such as Patrick Mahomes or Odell Beckham Jr. are known for being obsessed with cars.


The most common hobbies you see NFL players getting involved with tend to be things that allow them to relax and express themselves in other ways. Music is a great example and something many footballers like to dabble in when not playing. 

But which players have received the most attention for their musical exploits? Wide receiver Antonio Brown may be a footballing icon to many but he has also picked up plenty of fans for his tracks. Le’Veon Bell might be a free agent right now but he is another player who has hit the musical high notes. 

Publishing rap/hip-hop music on major platforms like YouTube, Bell has amassed a legion of passionate fans. Melvin Ingram is another NFL star who enjoys making music and records under the name ‘King Mel’. While the 2022 Grey Cup half-time show lineup shows that music is important across all football leagues, it seems NFL players in particular have a love for it. 

Other sports

This might sound a little odd in terms of hobbies for NFL players to have – do they not want a break from sports when not playing football? While they might be keen to get away from that particular sport at the end of a game or training session, many pro ballers dive right into playing other sports in their spare time! 

This usually involves fairly safe sports that are not likely to lead to injuries. Aaron Donald, for example, enjoys ping-pong in his spare time, while Matthew Stafford (and many other NFL stars) are known to be keen golfers. 

NFL players have some cool hobbies

As the above shows, there are some pretty awesome hobbies that young, rich NFL players enjoy. By finding fun things like this, they can rest properly between games and training sessions and keep themselves in good shape physically. In addition, exciting pastimes such as those mentioned here also help them to have things outside of football to fill their lives with and to unwind mentally when not on the field.