2023 Big Ten Football Media Poll Revealed

The 2023 Big Ten Football Media Poll has been released and there is a new sheriff in town.

The stage for the Big Ten Football Media Days in Indianapolis has been set with the release of the annual preseason Big Ten media poll. In a break from the norm, the Ohio State Buckeyes are NOT the projected winners of the Big Ten for the first time since 2019. Instead, it is the Michigan Wolverines who are projected to win their third-straight conference title.

Big Ten Football Media Poll

2023 Big Ten Football Media Poll Revealed

The Wolverines received 27 first-place votes out of 37, leaving the Buckeyes with just eight and Penn State with two. The voters, who are beat writers from all 14 Big Ten schools and national writers, were asked to vote 1-7 in both divisions. Michigan’s dominance in the poll is largely attributed to the return of 80% of their production from the previous year, including their starting quarterback, offering stability that Ohio State and Penn State lack as they usher in new quarterbacks.

The Full Poll

Here is the full Big Ten Football Media Poll for your viewing pleasure. It sure is nice to see a team NOT NAMED Ohio State at the top of the rankings!

Big Ten East:

1 Michigan (27 first-place votes) 248

2 Ohio State (8) 226

3 Penn State (2) 192

4 Maryland 143

5 Michigan State 105

6 Rutgers 74

7 Indiana 48

Big Ten West:

1 Wisconsin (20 first-place votes) 233

2 Iowa (16) 232

3 Minnesota (1) 176

4 Illinois 152

5 Nebraska 116

6 Purdue 89

7 Northwestern 38

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Key Points

  • The annual Big Ten media poll sees Michigan Wolverines as the projected winners.
  • This is the first time since 2019 that the Ohio State Buckeyes have not been projected to win.
  • Michigan received 27 first-place votes, Ohio State received eight, and Penn State received two.
  • Michigan's projected win is attributed to the return of over 80% of its production from a year ago.

Bottom Line – The Wolverine's Roar Echoes Louder

The Wolverines' strong projection in the 2023 Big Ten Football media poll sets the stage for a highly anticipated season. While the Buckeyes and the Nittany Lions gear up to introduce their new quarterbacks, the Wolverines ride high on the wave of continuity and experience. As the Michigan Wolverines bask in the glory of their projected win, they're all set to reinforce their might in the upcoming season, proving once again that in football, experience often trumps novelty.