3 Detroit Lions who could be cut before free agency begins

3 Detroit Lions who could be cut before free agency begins.

3 Detroit Lions who could be cut before free agency begins

As the Detroit Lions shift their focus from the end of a momentous season to the intricacies of free agency, managing cap space emerges as a crucial aspect of their strategy. The Lions, armed with the sixth-highest projected cap space in the league, stand on the brink of significant acquisitions in free agency come March. However, to fully leverage this opportunity and make a splash in the free-agent market, they may need to release some players to free up additional financial resources.

Detroit Lions who could be cut

Chopping Block?

With the onset of the free agency period, the Detroit Lions are poised to make some pivotal decisions to free up cap space. Mike Payton of A to Z Sports has identified three Lions players who might become cap casualties:

  1. Tracy Walker: Once a key defensive player, Walker's role has diminished, evidenced by his benching in Week 14 and absence from playoff games. Releasing Walker could save the Lions $5.5 million in cap space, albeit with a $7 million dead cap hit.
  2. John Cominsky: Despite a strong 2022, Cominsky’s performance waned in 2023. His numbers halved despite increased playtime, making him a potential candidate for release. The Lions could save $4.6 million in cap space by letting him go, incurring less than $2 million in dead cap.
  3. Levi Onwuzurkie: The second-round pick’s tenure with the Lions has been underwhelming. His back injury and limited playtime raise questions about his future with the team. Releasing Onwuzurkie would free up a modest $1.7 million in cap space.

TL;DR (too long didn't read)

  1. Tracy Walker might be released, saving $5.5 million in cap space.
  2. John Cominsky‘s reduced performance could lead to his departure, freeing $4.6 million.
  3. Levi Onwuzurkie’s uncertain future could see him leaving, adding $1.7 million in cap space.
Detroit Lions starting defense

The Bottom Line – The Cost of Progress

As the Detroit Lions prepare for the free agency period, tough decisions loom on the horizon. The potential release of players such as Tracy Walker, John Cominsky, and Levi Onwuzurkie underscores the intricate balance between financial management and team composition in the NFL. While these moves may pave the way for new talent and opportunities, they also mark the end of chapters for some players. The Lions' approach to these cap casualties will be a telling indicator of their commitment to progress and their vision for the team's future. As the NFL landscape continually evolves, the Lions’ maneuvers in the coming weeks will be critical in shaping their trajectory for the upcoming season and beyond.

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