3 Michigan Football Newcomers Land In ESPN’s Top 50

A trio of Michigan Football newcomers have a chance to do some serious damage in 2023.

3 Michigan Football Newcomers Land In ESPN's Top 50

Michigan football has ramped up its game by integrating newcomers into its roster, notably from the transfer class. This decision has seemingly paid off, as ESPN's latest rankings have enlisted three Michigan transfers in the top 50 newcomers of college football in 2023.

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LaDarius Henderson

Topping the list for Michigan is LaDarius Henderson, the presumptive starting left tackle and former Arizona State star. Ranked 9th, Henderson's experience shines, having started all games last season for the Sun Devils. Though he played as a left guard for them, Henderson is expected to compete for the right tackle position for the Wolverines. With Michigan boasting of winning the Joe Moore Award for the best offensive line consecutively in recent seasons, Henderson's inclusion is set to bring more accolades.

Ernest Hausmann

Next in line is the 17th-ranked Ernest Hausmann, a Nebraska transfer. In his breakout campaign with Nebraska, linebacker Hausmann showcased his skills with 54 total tackles, 2 for losses, and a sack. Competing with Michigan's established Junior Colson and Michael Barrett, Hausmann's integration promises a robust defensive lineup for the Wolverines.

Josaiah Stewart

Another transfer making waves is the 24th-ranked Josaiah Stewart from Coastal Carolina. While he might be slightly undersized as an edge player, his agility and speed are undeniable, having recorded 36 tackles, 10 for losses, and 3.5 sacks the previous season. With the departure of the Wolverines' top tackler, Mike Morris, to the NFL, Stewart’s inclusion ensures that the team’s defense remains in top shape.

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TL;DR (too long didn't read)

  1. Three Michigan football transfers, LaDarius Henderson, Ernest Hausmann, and Josaiah Stewart, ranked in ESPN's top 50 newcomers for 2023.
  2. While Henderson and Hausmann are likely to solidify the offensive and defensive lineups, respectively, Stewart's inclusion strengthens the team's defense.
  3. Notable players like Drake Nugent and Josh Wallace remain absent from the list, yet Michigan's strategic transfer choices indicate a promising season.

Bottom Line – A Transfer Triumph for the Wolverines

Michigan football’s forward-thinking approach in welcoming these transfers speaks volumes about their adaptive strategies. By recognizing and harnessing the potential of players like Henderson, Hausmann, and Stewart, the Wolverines are not just preparing for the immediate season but also laying down a foundation for future successes. In the ever-evolving world of college football, adaptability and vision often make the difference – and Michigan seems poised to redefine their legacy.


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