3 NFL Teams That Could Poach Detroit Lions OC Ben Johnson

3 NFL Teams That Could Poach Detroit Lions OC Ben Johnson. Where do you think Johnson will be coaching in 2024?

3 NFL Teams That Could Poach Detroit Lions OC Ben Johnson

Detroit Lions‘ offensive coordinator, Ben Johnson, is currently the hottest head coaching candidate around, and when the 2023 season wraps up, expect him to be at the top of many teams' lists. Folks, unfortunately, Johnson's days in the Motor City could be numbered. In a recent article, Brad Berreman of Side Lion Report listed 5 teams that could go after Johnson at the conclusion of the season. Here are the three teams that I think are the most realistic landing spots for the Lions offensive coordinator.

Ben Johnson lauds Donovan Peoples-Jones NFL Teams That Could Poach Detroit Lions OC Ben Johnson

Chicago Bears: The Windy City's Potential Call

First up, the Chicago Bears. Thanks to the Carolina Panthers, they're probably looking at two top-5 picks next April. If Justin Fields doesn't emerge as the stud they hope for, quarterback will be a top priority. Enter Ben Johnson. The man's got a knack for fostering top-notch offenses and developing quarterbacks. Yes, shifting from the Lions to a division rival like the Bears would be tough to swallow, but if the opening is there, it might just be too good for Johnson to pass up. After all, Chicago's not just deep-dish pizza and the Magnificent Mile; it could be the perfect stage for Johnson's head coaching debut.

Carolina Panthers: A Missed Opportunity?

Next, let's talk about the Carolina Panthers. Remember when Johnson almost got on a plane to interview for their head coach spot? If he had, he might be sporting Panther blue right now. But with their 1-8 record and the uncertainty at quarterback before nabbing Bryce Young, it's no wonder Johnson stayed put. Yet, with Young now at the helm, Carolina's looking a bit more appealing. There's chatter about whether Young can outshine C.J. Stroud, but if anyone can turn potential into performance, it's Johnson.

Los Angeles Chargers: Time for a Change

Lastly, the Los Angeles Chargers and their head coach, Brandon Staley. Staley's supposed to be a defensive guru, but let's face it, the results are as underwhelming as a lukewarm cup of coffee. The Chargers defense is like a rickety rollercoaster, and it's doing a disservice to a solid offense led by Justin Herbert. When the Chargers inevitably look beyond Staley, Johnson should be their number-one call.

Ben Johnson lauds Donovan Peoples-Jones

TL;DR (too long didn't read)

  1. Ben Johnson is a hot commodity for his offensive prowess and quarterback development skills.
  2. The Bears and Panthers are prime candidates for Johnson's services, considering their draft picks and quarterback situations.
  3. The Chargers need a change, and Johnson could be the answer to maximize Justin Herbert's potential.

Bottom Line: Ben Johnson's Days In Detroit Could be Numbered

It's clear that Johnson's talents are in high demand, and it's only a matter of time before he's leading his own team. Whether it's the historical allure of Chicago, the rebuilding opportunity in Carolina, or the potential to unlock the full force of Justin Herbert in Los Angeles, Johnson's options are as tantalizing as they are varied. Detroit fans, enjoy his genius while you can because Ben Johnson's days in the Motor City might be ticking down.

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