Detroit Lions OC Ben Johnson named candidate to replace Josh McDaniels in Las Vegas

Detroit Lions OC Ben Johnson named candidate for NFL head coaching job.

Detroit Lions OC Ben Johnson named candidate to replace Josh McDaniels in Las Vegas

In a perfect world, Ben Johnson would be so happy as the Detroit Lions offensive coordinator that he would make the decision to sign a lifetime contract to remain exactly where he is. Unfortunately, that is not how things work when coordinators dominate in the NFL, and it is likely that Johnson will land a head coaching gig during the upcoming offseason. Could that gig end up being with the Las Vegas Raiders?

Ben Johnson places blame Ben Johnson named candidate to replace Josh McDaniels

Las Vegas Raiders head coach Ben Johnson?

In case you have not heard, the Raiders have announced that they are moving on from head coach Josh McDaniels, which means they are on the lookout for a replacement. In an article put out by Tashan Reed of The Athletic, Ben Johnson is named as a candidate to replace McDaniels in Las Vegas.

It’s only right the list starts with a coach from the team that got McDaniels and Ziegler fired. Johnson received plenty of buzz after calling plays for a Lions offense that finished fifth in scoring last season. He interviewed for the Indianapolis Colts’ and Houston Texans’ head-coaching openings this past offseason before returning to the Lions for a second season as offensive coordinator.

In Year 2, Johnson again has been the architect of one of the NFL’s best offenses. Detroit is averaging 25.0 points per game (eighth) and 390.6 yards per game (second). Johnson is young — he’s just 37 — but he already has 11 years of NFL coaching experience under his belt. He’ll be one of the most sought-after candidates this offseason, and the Raiders would be wise to join the fray.

Why it Matters

Losing Ben Johnson would be a huge blow for the Lions, but that may be a reality they (and we) will have to deal with. Since becoming OC of the Lions, Johnson has often been referred to as a genius. Under his leadership, the Lions have had one of the top offenses in the NFL for the past two seasons, and there is a legitimate concern that won't continue if he leaves for another team.

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TL;DR (too long didn't read)

  1. Ben Johnson's Rising Star: Ben Johnson, the current offensive coordinator for the Detroit Lions, has emerged as a highly sought-after coaching talent in the NFL. His impressive work with the Lions' offense, which ranked fifth in scoring last season and continues to excel this year, has garnered attention from teams seeking a head coach.
  2. Las Vegas Raiders Consideration: The Las Vegas Raiders, who recently parted ways with their head coach Josh McDaniels, are actively exploring potential candidates to fill the vacancy. In a report by Tashan Reed of The Athletic, Ben Johnson is listed as a potential candidate to take over the head coaching role for the Raiders.
  3. Potential Impact on the Lions: If Ben Johnson were to accept a head coaching position with another NFL team, it could have a significant impact on the Detroit Lions. Johnson's innovative play-calling and leadership have been instrumental in the Lions' offensive success over the past two seasons. His departure would leave a void that the Lions would need to address.

Bottom Line: Enjoy Him While We Can

Ben Johnson's potential candidacy for the Las Vegas Raiders' head coaching position highlights his rapid rise in the NFL coaching ranks. While his departure would be a loss for the Detroit Lions, it underscores the impact he has made in transforming their offense. Whether Johnson ultimately takes the helm in Las Vegas or remains in Detroit, his coaching journey is one to watch, and the Lions face potential adjustments ahead. With that being said, it would be wise to enjoy him while he is still here.