3 Players the Detroit Lions should absolutely avoid with the No. 2 pick

We are just eight days away (depending on when you read this) from the 2022 NFL Draft and it is still a complete mystery as to who the Detroit Lions will select with the No. 2 overall pick.

That being said, there have been AT LEAST 9-10 players who have been mentioned as options for the Lions to select at No. 2.

Here are three players the Lions should absolutely avoid when they are on the clock with the No. 2 pick.

Travon Walker – EDGE (Georgia)


I have said it before and I will say it again. Yes, Travon Walker is an athletic freak but there are a couple of things that make me want to avoid him at No. 2. First, his production at Georgia was nothing to call home about when it comes to rushing the passer (Only 9.5 sacks in 29 career games), and second, I am not a fan of selecting players who shot up draft boards AFTER their career was already over (combine freaks).

Kyle Hamilton – Safety (Notre Dame)


Let me begin by saying that I believe Kyle Hamilton is going to be a solid safety in the NFL. His NFL Combine numbers do not sway me one way or the other because his game speed seems fine. That being said, the NFL Draft, in my opinion, is all about drafting for value, and taking a safety at No. 2 would go against that belief.

Sauce Gardner (CB Cincinnati) and Derek Stingley Jr. (CB LSU)


Ok, I cheated a little bit with this one because I am including two players.

Yes, there are actually people out there that have mocked a cornerback the Lions at No. 2 in the 2022 NFL Draft! Folks, I am here to tell you… AGAIN… that the NFL Draft is all about getting value for each pick and taking a cornerback at No. 2 would not be a value pick. Sauce and Stingley Jr. will both be good NFL cornerbacks (Stingley has better upside) but neither would be worth spending the No. 2 pick.

Nation, what do you think about this DO NOT DRAFT list? Would you add anyone to the mix?

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