4 Quarterbacks the Detroit Lions could trade for

The Detroit Lions are clearly keeping their eyes open for an upgrade at the No. 2 QB spot.

As it stands, here on July 26, the Detroit Lions have Nate Sudfeld as their No. 2 quarterback behind starter, Jared Goff. That being said, the Lions are clearly willing to upgrade at the backup quarterback position, as proven by them bringing in free agent QB Teddy Bridgewater for a visit. The Lions could certainly sign Bridgewater in the coming days, but if they do not, Brad Berreman suggests four signal-callers Detroit could trade for.

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4 Quarterbacks the Detroit Lions could trade for

According to Berreman, the four quarterbacks the Detroit Lions could consider trading for are Malik Willis, Sam Ehlinger, Davis Mills, and Trey Lance. Here are the bullet points of what Berreman had to say about each potential trade target.

Malik Willis

  • Willis' position in the Titans' roster remains uncertain, despite head coach Mike Vrabel noting his significant improvement since his rookie year.
  • As rookie Will Levis secures his spot, Willis might be the one to give way in the contest to become Ryan Tannehill's direct backup.
  • CBS Sports' Chris Trappaso suggests the Detroit Lions as a potential destination for Willis, but his suitability to step in for Goff remains a question; however, he might be equally or more capable than Sudfeld, who also lacks NFL starts.
Malik Willis Detroit Lions

Sam Ehlinger

  • Ehlinger, despite his performance last season for the Colts, might be cut or traded due to the team's investment in Anthony Richardson and Gardner Minshew as their future quarterback team.
  • His overall game statistics were skewed by a particularly poor performance against the New England Patriots, despite showcasing potential in other games with a completion rate above 64 percent in three out of four appearances.
  • As the Colts decide on their future quarterback strategy, the Detroit Lions should consider Ehlinger as a possible backup for Goff, considering his raw talent and running capabilities.

Davis Mills

  • Despite showing promising potential in his two seasons with the Texans, Mills has struggled amidst team losses and appears to be sliding down in the depth chart after the team's commitment to C.J. Stroud and the signing of Case Keenum.
  • Mills' performance experienced a decline last year, resulting in a lower passer rating and leading the league with 15 interceptions over 15 starts.
  • As the Texans may consider trading Mills, the Lions should keep a watchful eye on his status. In a Hendon Hooker-less scenario, Mills could emerge as a potential candidate for the Lions' future starting quarterback.

Trey Lance

  • With Brock Purdy's recent recovery, the 49ers might reconsider Trey Lance's position, despite his previous high draft pick, potentially making him a tradeable asset.
  • Newly added Sam Darnold is poised to be the No. 2 quarterback on the 49ers due to his wealth of experience, further questioning Lance's role.
  • The Detroit Lions should remain attentive to Lance's situation with the 49ers, preparing for a potential trade opportunity during the preseason.
Nate Sudfeld Detroit Lions Training Camp

Key Points

  1. The Detroit Lions, seeking to upgrade their backup quarterback position, are considering different options, including free agent Teddy Bridgewater and potential trade options: Malik Willis, Sam Ehlinger, Davis Mills, and Trey Lance, as suggested by Brad Berreman.
  2. Willis's position in the Titans' roster is uncertain, which could make him available for trade. Ehlinger, despite a good performance last season with the Colts, might be cut or traded due to the team's future quarterback strategy. Davis Mills, who has shown potential but struggled with the Texans, could be an asset the Texans may consider trading.
  3. Trey Lance's position in the 49ers could be reevaluated due to Brock Purdy's recovery and the addition of Sam Darnold to the team. Despite being a high draft pick, Lance might become a tradeable asset, presenting an opportunity for the Lions.

Bottom Line

As the Lions seek to fortify their backup quarterback position, several potential candidates come to the forefront via trade. Malik Willis, Sam Ehlinger, Davis Mills, and Trey Lance all present different advantages, with Willis potentially offering more capabilities than current backup Nate Sudfeld, and Ehlinger showcasing raw talent and running skills. Mills could provide a solid option should the Lions seek a future starting quarterback, whereas Lance's status with the 49ers opens a possible high-value acquisition. While free agent Teddy Bridgewater is under consideration, these four trade prospects could offer a more strategic fit for the Lions, aligning with their long-term vision and offering the flexibility of potential future starters. The upcoming days and weeks will prove crucial as the Lions decide which route to take for their backup quarterback position.