6 Detroit Tigers who ‘Won’t survive the trade deadline’

What do you think the Detroit Tigers will decide to do at the trade deadline?

We are less than two weeks away from the 2023 MLB Trade Deadline, and it is going to be extremely interesting to see what our Detroit Tigers decide to do. Well, according to Matthew Scheidel of Motor City Bengals, there are six Tigers who ‘won't survive the trade deadline.' Those players are Eduardo Rodriguez, Michael Lorenzen, Jose Cisnero, Zach Short, Nick Maton, and Eric Haase.

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6 Detroit Tigers who ‘Won't survive the trade deadline'

Here are the bullet points of what Schneider had to say about each of those players. Please click here to read his full article.

Trade Candidates

Eduardo Rodriguez

  • E-rod is the Tigers' most valuable trade piece with an impressive ERA of 2.69 this season.
  • E-rod is likely to have numerous suitors due to his potentially expiring contract and strong performance.
  • The Tigers could secure a good return if they handle the trade negotiations well, considering E-rod's outstanding pitching and high demand.

Michael Lorenzen

  • Lorenzen's trade value is increasing due to his easier acquisition as a rental with bullpen experience.
  • Apart from pitching, his veteran presence makes him appealing to up-and-coming teams, and his positive influence in the clubhouse adds value.
  • Contending teams seeking pitching depth could benefit from Lorenzen as a solid back-of-the-rotation starter.

Jose Cisnero

  • Cisnero is the most likely Tigers reliever to be traded due to his expiring contract and bullpen demand from contenders.
  • He's bounced back with a 3.25 ERA and 10 K/9, making him a solid middle relief option.
  • Tigers have replacements like Brieske and Wingenter to fill the gap if he's traded.

Likely To Lose Roster Spot

Zach Short

  • Zack Short is likely to lose his roster spot due to a significant offensive slump.
  • While he offers good defense at second base, his recent performance has been lackluster.
  • Despite being a positive clubhouse presence, Short's future with the team is uncertain.

Nick Maton

  • Maton returned after Triple-A stint with limited success in batting changes.
  • Defensive plays improved, but offensive struggles continue.
  • Consider Toledo for the rest of the year to give opportunities to younger players.

Eric Haase

  • Haase's disappointing season: He's not hitting well with a .202 average and no power.
  • Defensive concerns: Haase's poor defense is harder to overlook with his offensive struggles.
  • Uncertain future: Despite being respected in the clubhouse, his roster spot is in question, and backup options in Toledo may need consideration.

Bottom Line: We Will Soon Know

The MLB Trade Deadline will come and go on Aug. 1, and at that point, we will know what Tigers president of baseball operations Scott Harris decided was best for the roster moving forward. That being said, he has already said that how the team plays coming out of the All-Star break will factor into his decision.