Aidan Hutchinson impressing multiple Hall of Fame sack masters

If Detroit Lions rookie Aidan Hutchinson turns out to be a great NFL player, it is not only going to be because he is ultra-talented, but it will also be because he is willing to give 100% at all times, and that includes when he is trying to get better in practice. On Wednesday, a couple of NFL Hall of Famer pass rushers, Michael Strahan and Howie Long raved about Hutchinson, with Strahan saying he's a “future star.”

Aidan Hutchinson Detroit Lions 2022 NFL Draft

Michael Strahan thinks Aidan Hutchinson is a “future star”

“I just think he's going to be a future star,” Hall of Famer and former New York Giants pass rusher Michael Strahan told of Hutchinson on Tuesday. “He made a lot of plays that stars make in his rookie year. The future is really, really bright. I'm excited.

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“I think that everyone thinks that because you're pick No. 2 that you're going to come in and instantly have success and it's a different level. Completely different level.”

Strahan added that one of the reasons why he is so excited about Hutchinson moving forward is because of the fact that he “never quits” and is “constantly going.”

“That guy is a guy who never quits on any play,” Strahan said. “I mean he's constantly going and constantly working and that's what I love to see. He doesn't take a play off and that's something a rookie – you either got it or you don't, and he came in with it.

“I got a chance to talk to him before the draft and every question just strictly about football which I loved which showed me how focused he was on being great this year and he was great.”

Howie Long “loves” the way Hutchinson plays

Another Hall of Famer who loves him some Hutchinson is Howie Long. Told Tim Twentyman that though Hutch got off to a slow start, he progressed throughout the season, and he loves the way he plays.

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“I really loved him (in the draft),” Long told of Hutchinson. “You know, it's a big transition. He's a hometown guy. It's interesting because I think the pick fit them. I think it fits the head coach. I think it fits the town.

“And as the season went on, it started off a little slow, maybe he had some numbers but the things that I look at, the things that Michael (Strahan) looks at, the things you want to see you started to see as the year kind of progressed and I think he's going to be a big building block for them. I love his energy. I love the way he plays. “

Bottom Line for Hutchinson

Some players have the “It” factor and some do not. There is no question about it that Hutchinson is one of those players who have it in a big way. Not only does he play his butt off on every single play, but he is constantly working in practice to get better each and every day. If he can continue the path that he's on, there is no doubt about it that he will be a superstar for Detroit.

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