A.J. Hinch takes exception to question from Detroit Tigers beat writer

A.J. Hinch Disagrees That The Tigers Were ‘Not Competitive’ Against the Royals

The Detroit Tigers, helmed by manager A.J. Hinch, faced a tough series this week against the division-leading Kansas City Royals. Despite the team’s effort, they suffered a sweeping loss, with the Royals outscoring the Tigers 26-9 over three games at Kaufman Stadium in Kansas City. This series left the Tigers with a 23-26 record for the season, further widening the gap between them and the Royals.

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Hinch Takes Issue with “Competitive” Comment

The post-game atmosphere was tense, especially when Chris McCosky of The Detroit News posed a pointed question to Hinch, suggesting the Tigers lacked their usual competitiveness. Hinch was quick to defend his team’s effort. “I take exception to the competitive part, we were pretty competitive,” Hinch retorted. He acknowledged the Royals’ offensive strength but emphasized that the Tigers remained resilient. “Obviously, they did a tremendous job offensively of scoring a lot of runs, but we fought back each game and stayed competitive,” he added.

Hinch stressed the importance of both recognizing current challenges and the successes the team had coming out of their previous series in Arizona. “Our pitchers are going through it a little bit. And offensively, we haven’t gotten into the game, at least these series,” Hinch explained. He remained optimistic about the upcoming series against the Toronto Blue Jays, a team currently struggling at the bottom of the American League East. “So, we’ll get back home, we’ll go play Toronto, and get to a new series, and play all the games, like I always say.”

TL;DR (too long didn’t read)

  1. Detroit Tigers Manager’s Reaction: A.J. Hinch took exception to a question from Chris McCosky of The Detroit News that suggested the Tigers lacked competitiveness during their recent series against the Kansas City Royals.
  2. Series Outcome: The Tigers were swept by the Royals, outscored 26-9 over three games, which deepened their position behind the division leaders.
  3. Looking Forward: Despite the series loss, Hinch expressed optimism about the team’s ability to bounce back in the upcoming series against the Toronto Blue Jays, who are currently struggling in their division.
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Looking Ahead

The Tigers’ next series offers a chance to regain their footing against the Blue Jays, who hold a 22-26 record. Hinch’s leadership will be crucial as the team tries to move past the disappointing outcome against the Royals and capitalize on the opportunity to climb back up in their division standings. Despite the setbacks, the Tigers’ determination to remain competitive under Hinch’s guidance is clear as they prepare to face Toronto with renewed vigor.

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