Amon-Ra St. Brown explains why Detroit Lions offense will bounce back on Monday Night Football

Amon-Ra St. Brown explains why Detroit Lions offense will bounce back on Monday Night Football.

Amon-Ra St. Brown explains why Detroit Lions offense will bounce back on Monday Night Football

Last Sunday, against the Baltimore Ravens, the Detroit Lions looked NOTHING like the Detroit Lions that we had seen play through the first six weeks of the season. Instead, they looked a lot more like they did a couple of years ago when Dan Campbell first took over as head coach. During a 38-6 blowout loss to the Ravens, the Lions' offense did absolutely nothing to help the cause. That is something Amon-Ra St. Brown believes will change on Monday Night Football against the Las Vegas Raiders.

Amon-Ra St. Brown explains

A Team Loss

While speaking to reporters, St. Brown talked about how the Lions did not play well offensively or defensively, but that they have to move forward.

“I think, as a whole, we didn’t play a good game, offensively, defensively,” St. Brown told reporters Friday. “Offensively, we just didn’t execute how we normally do. It’s kind of tough, offense has been playing well, defense has been playing well. It’s kind of hard to win in this league when both the offense and defense aren't playing that well. But, yeah, I mean, there was a lot of corrections that we made, or that we can learn from that tape. And, you know, (we) just (need to) move on, move forward and get better this week, and not repeat that.” 

St. Brown explains why a bounce-back is coming

Though the Lions offense was absolutely horrendous against the Ravens, St. Brown made it clear that one bad game does not define them.

“The work that we put in leading up to this, in OTAs, camp,” St. Brown explained, for the reasons why he believes Detroit's offense will fare much better in Week 8. “You know, one bad game doesn’t define your whole season. But, we definitely got to bounce back from last week. I feel like that wasn’t us as an offense, and we know that. But, that’s what I like about this league. You always get another shot to kind of reset, and that’s what we can do this week.”

TL;DR (too long didn't read)

  1. Team Loss: Amon-Ra St. Brown acknowledges that the Detroit Lions' recent performance against the Baltimore Ravens was subpar both offensively and defensively. He highlights that in the NFL, it's challenging to secure victories when both aspects of the game aren't clicking.
  2. Bounce-Back Belief: St. Brown emphasizes that one poor game doesn't define the Lions' season. He attributes their faith in a rebound to the hard work put in during OTAs and training camp, maintaining that they can recover and perform at their best in Week 8.
  3. Opportunity to Reset: St. Brown appreciates the nature of the NFL, where teams always have a chance to reset and improve. Despite the disappointing previous performance, he sees the upcoming game as an opportunity for the Lions' offense to showcase their true potential.
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Bottom Line: Always Looking Ahead

Amon-Ra St. Brown's perspective offers a glimpse of the Lions' determination to rebound from their recent struggles. They view their lackluster performance as an anomaly rather than the norm, attributing their faith in improvement to the hard work they've invested. In the NFL, a single bad game doesn't define a season, and the upcoming match presents an opportunity for the Lions to reset and demonstrate their true offensive capabilities on Monday Night Football.