‘Anti-Matt Patricia’ candidate could be just what the doctor ordered for Detroit Lions

When news broke in 2018 that the Detroit Lions were hiring Matt Patricia to be their next head coach, I was excited. After all, Patricia was allegedly a defensive guru who was coming from an organization that only knew how to win and win big.

But by the time the Lions were mid-way through Patricia’s first season as head coach, I was already begging for the franchise to move on because it was very clear to me that his style of coaching was not going to work, no matter how hard he tried. He was not just going to walk in as an unproven head coach and be Bill Belichick.

Fast forward to the present and Patricia has been fired (way too late) and the Lions are currently searching for his replacement.

In my opinion, the Lions absolutely must hire a coach that would be considered the ‘anti-Matt Patricia’ if they truly want to take a step forward and finally get a once-proud (over 60 years ago) franchise to the promised land.

According to Jon Ledyard, one candidate that fits the ‘anti-Matt Patricia’ criteria is Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ defensive coordinator, Todd Bowles.

Ledyard notes that Bowles prefers zone over man coverage, he likes to create pressure upfront, he is loved and respected by everyone, and he is not boisterous or controversial.

Yeah, that is pretty much the polar opposite of what Patricia was with the Lions.

Now, I am not necessarily saying that Bowles will or should be the hire. I am just saying that the Lions absolutely must go in the opposite direction of what Patricia brought to the table.

Oh, by the way, Bowles is interviewing with the Lions today, so don’t be surprised if he ends up getting the job.