Barry Sanders comments on if Detroit Lions would have won Super Bowls if they had a QB like Patrick Mahomes

I may be biased considering I got to work with former Detroit Lions great Barry Sanders back in the day, but in my opinion, he is hands down the greatest running back ever to play football.

But despite his greatness, Barry never even had the opportunity to play for a Super Bowl because he never had a great team around him, especially when talking about the quarterback position.

During Super Bowl week in January, Sanders was in Miami on Super Bowl ‘Radio Row’ and he was asked if he would have won Super Bowls if his Lions’ teams had a quarterback like Patrick Mahomes.

Barry would not say for sure that the Lions would have won a Super Bowl, but his reaction made it pretty clear that having a great QB would have helped.

“It would have certainly helped things, that’s for sure,” Sanders said.

Let me take it one step further. If the Lions had a great QB (or even a slightly above average quarterback), he would have won a Super Bowl.