Ben Chiarot settling in comfortably with Detroit Red Wings in Year 2

Feeling at home: Ben Chiarot settling in comfortably with Red Wings in year 2.

Ben Chiarot settling in comfortably with Red Wings in the second year of his deal.

Veteran defenseman Ben Chiarot is embarking on his second year with the Detroit Red Wings after signing a free-agent deal last summer. While his initial year with the team had its share of challenges, he now finds himself settling in more comfortably as he enters year two.

Ben Chiarot settling in

Chiarot is entering Year 2 of his contract

Chiarot's initial defensive partnership with Moritz Seider did not unfold as planned, frequently leaving him out of position and at times caught off guard. Nonetheless, it's worth noting that he did bring a physical presence to the team.

Ben Chiarot settling in comfortably

The positive aspect for Chiarot is that he is no longer a newcomer in the team's dressing room. As he embarks on his second year with the Red Wings, he has become more familiar with his teammates and the coaching system, which should contribute to a smoother experience.

“You’re not finding your way around the room, city and different personalities,” Chiarot said. “It just feels like coming home now.”

Chiarot, unfortunately, missed a portion of training camp due to the tragic passing of his father, Matt. Nevertheless, he has maintained his game-ready condition and is ready to make an immediate impact as soon as he returns to action.

“I’ve felt pretty good in games,” Chiarot said. “Obviously missing a lot of training camp doesn’t help as far as getting your legs under you or getting in game shape. But I feel like it’s coming along pretty well. I try to take good care of myself in the summer and be prepared.”

As far as head coach Derek Lalonde is concerned, Chiarot plays a ‘valuable' role for the Red Wings.

“He is extremely valuable to us,” Lalonde said. “Even last year, I was fielding some questions on some of his underlying numbers. I think he is very valuable to us in a lot of ways.”

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TL;DR (too long didn't read)

  1. Detroit Red Wings defenseman Ben Chiarot is embarking on the second year of the contract he inked last summer.
  2. Despite the challenges faced last season, Chiarot brings invaluable veteran leadership and a physical presence that greatly benefits the team.
  3. Ben Chiarot settling in with the team in his second year can only serve as a positive

Bottom Line: Year 2 of Chiarot will be better

Anticipate a significantly improved season from Chiarot as he enters his second year with Detroit, determined to validate the contract he was awarded.

Chiarot and the Red Wings are currently skating against the Toronto Maple Leafs at Little Caesars Arena in the preseason finale.