Ben Johnson reveals Detroit Lions secret weapon for matchup vs. Buccaneers

Ben Johnson reveals Detroit Lions secret weapon for matchup vs. Buccaneers.

Ben Johnson reveals Detroit Lions secret weapon for matchup vs. Buccaneers

As the Detroit Lions prepare for their pivotal NFC Championship game against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, all eyes are on the strategies that could give them an edge. Ben Johnson, the Lions' offensive coordinator, has highlighted the importance of the team's approach to neutralizing the Buccaneers' formidable defense, especially their interior group led by Vita Vea.

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The Secret Weapon

Johnson points to second-team All-Pro selection Frank Ragnow as the team's “secret weapon.”

“Really, our secret weapon is Frank Ragnow,” said offensive coordinator Ben Johnson. “We put a lot on his plate, both run game and pass game, so he does a great job getting fronts identified for the rest of the offensive line and in the protection game with the running backs and tight ends. So he really is a key cog in what we do and I can't say enough good things about him. Experienced player that's seen a lot of football and even when we get unscouted looks, he can find a solution for us more times than not.” 

Johnson's emphasis on Ragnow's capabilities underscores the nuanced battle of tactics that will be central to Detroit's approach in this high-stakes matchup.

TL;DR (too long didn't read)

  1. Offensive Coordinator Ben Johnson identifies Frank Ragnow as the Detroit Lions' secret weapon against the Buccaneers' strong defense.
  2. Ragnow's role in pre-snap adjustments and handling both run and pass plays is crucial for Detroit's offensive success.
  3. The Lions' strategic focus on Ragnow's skills and experience reflects the depth and preparation going into their NFC Championship game strategy.
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The Bottom Line – The Unsung Hero of the Gridiron

In the high-octane world of NFL playoffs, it's often the stars who grab the headlines. However, Ben Johnson's revelation about Frank Ragnow's importance to the Detroit Lions' game plan against the Buccaneers is a reminder of the crucial roles played by those in the trenches. Ragnow's intellectual prowess in identifying and responding to defensive strategies, combined with his physical skills, make him a linchpin of the Lions' offense. As Detroit faces a formidable opponent in Tampa Bay, it's the strategic utilization of talents like Ragnow that could propel the team to a historic victory and a place in the NFC Championship game.