Ben Johnson talks about transformation of Detroit Lions offense over past 3 years

Ben Johnson talks about transformation of Detroit Lions offense over past 3 years. Photo Credit - Junfu Han - USA TODAY Sports

Ben Johnson talks about transformation of Detroit Lions offense over past 3 years

The Detroit Lions‘ offensive transformation in the past three years under the guidance of Offensive Coordinator Ben Johnson has been nothing short of remarkable. A testament to this transformation is the presence of four players (Amon-Ra St. Brown, David Montgomery, Jahmyr Gibbs, and Sam LaPorta) with over 850 yards from scrimmage this season. Johnson, reflecting on the evolution, highlights the significant changes in the team's offensive capabilities compared to previous years.

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What did Ben Johnson Say?

Johnson attributes this success to the efforts of General Manager Brad Holmes and his staff, who have been instrumental in equipping the Lions with playmakers across all positions, including the offensive line. This marked improvement in talent and diversity of skills has enabled the Lions to become a more dynamic and unpredictable offensive unit, posing a challenge for opposing defenses.

“Well, it’s a unique problem. There’s no question. And that’s the beauty about what  Brad (Holmes) and his staff have done for us,” Johnson said. “We were kind of talking about it last week going into the Dallas game, just who we were – who we had available for us last year in the Dallas game versus this year and over the course of now three seasons, how the whole offense has really transformed. We’ve got play-makers all over the place. Every position group, even O-line included. It’s really a testament to what Brad and that staff has done for the roster.”

TL;DR (too long didn't read)

  1. The Detroit Lions have four players with over 850 yards from scrimmage this season, showcasing their offensive depth.
  2. Offensive Coordinator Ben Johnson highlights the team's transformation, praising the roster building by GM Brad Holmes and his team.
  3. The Lions' offense has evolved significantly over three seasons, featuring playmakers across all positions and an enhanced offensive line.
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The Bottom Line – Lions' Offensive Renaissance

The Detroit Lions‘ offensive overhaul in recent years is a clear indicator of the team's strategic direction and growth. The diversity in talent and the development of playmakers in various positions have not only enriched the team's playstyle but also given them a competitive edge in the league. As the Lions continue to build on this progress, the offensive transformation under the leadership of Ben Johnson and Brad Holmes serves as a blueprint for sustainable success and a promising future for the franchise.