Bill Barnwell predicts 1 Detroit Lions player to become a ‘Superstar’ in 2023

To be honest, Bill Barnwell easily could have included a few Detroit Lions players on this list.

Bill Barnwell of ESPN recently identified Detroit Lions‘ offensive tackle Penei Sewell as a player set to ascend to “Superstar” status in the 2023 NFL season. After a winning streak in the latter part of the 2022 season, the Lions are currently favored to win the NFC North, a feat not achieved since 1993 when the division was called the NFC Central. The Lions' hope of success this coming season hinges on the performances of their key players, including Sewell.

Penei Sewell Detroit Lions Bill Barnwell

Bill Barnwell says Penei Sewell will become a ‘Superstar' in 2023

Barnwell posits that Sewell's ability to continually improve and adapt his game over time will see him transition from a “Pro Bowl” player to a “Superstar” player this season. Although Sewell's preferred position is left tackle, he has been impressively fulfilling the right tackle role for the Lions. Sewell's projected ascent to stardom will provide a significant boost for the Lions in the 2023 season.

Taken six picks after Lawrence in the 2021 draft, Sewell has quickly improve,” Barnwell wrote. “Much of the rawness to his game that he showed as a rookie in 2021 has been eliminated, as he has been able to convert more of his skills and range to consistently erase opposing pass-rushers. Per the FTN Football Almanac 2023, Sewell's blown block rate was just 3% last season, which was the sixth-best mark in the league among tackles.

For most teams, Sewell would be a superstar left tackle. While he looked impressive during a stint on the blindside as a rookie, the Lions already have Pro Bowl-caliber left tackle Taylor Decker, so Sewell's stuck on the right side. The Eagles' Lane Johnson has been the gold standard of NFL right tackles when healthy over the past decade, but as a player who doesn't even turn 23 until October, Sewell is the best contender to challenge for Johnson's throne.

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Key Points

  • Bill Barnwell identifies Penei Sewell as the Lion's upcoming ‘Superstar'.
  • Lions are tipped to win the NFC North for the first time since 1993.
  • Sewell's consistent improvement and adaption are the keys to his success.

Bottom Line – Sewell's Rise to Stardom

The stage is set for Penei Sewell to emerge as a ‘Superstar' in the 2023 season. His consistent improvement, versatility, and tenacity position him as a potential game-changer for the Detroit Lions. If Barnwell's prediction proves accurate, we may well see Sewell help lead the Lions to an NFC North title for the first time in three decades. Keep your eyes on the field, folks – it's going to be an exciting season!