Blake Corum says he ‘prays he left a legacy’ after Michigan beats Ohio State 30-24

Happy Birthday, Blake! Blake Corum says he 'prays he left a legacy' after Michigan beats Ohio State

Blake Corum says he ‘prays he left a legacy' after Michigan beats Ohio State 30-24

In the wake of the Michigan Wolverines‘ impressive victory over their arch-rivals, the Ohio State Buckeyes, star running back Blake Corum reflected on his journey and the legacy he hopes to leave at the University of Michigan. His poignant remarks come after a significant win that saw Michigan secure a spot in the Big Ten Championship Game.

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Corum's Reflective Sentiments on His Michigan Journey

As he stood on the field of the Big House, absorbing the magnitude of Michigan's victory, Blake Corum shared his thoughts on his time with the Wolverines.

“This being my last game in The Big House, my last four years, I will look back and just pray I left a legacy,” Corum said. “I stamped my mark here, I made a difference on and off the field. But looking back at this game, I feel like this is why I came back.”

The Significance of Corum's Contributions

Blake Corum has been a key figure in Michigan's football program, consistently delivering performances that have helped shape the team's success over the years. His leadership and skill on the field, coupled with his commitment to making a positive impact off the field, have indeed left an indelible mark on the program.

During his final game, Corum carried the ball 22 times for 88 yards and 2 touchdowns.

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TL;DR (too long didn't read)

  1. Corum's Last Game at The Big House: In what was his final game playing at the Big House, Blake Corum expressed his hopes of having left a lasting legacy at Michigan, both as a player and as a person.
  2. Impact On and Off the Field: Corum's reflections reveal his ambition to be remembered not just for his athletic achievements but also for his contributions beyond football, highlighting his holistic approach to his college career.
  3. A Key Player in Michigan's Success: Corum's performance and leadership have been instrumental in Michigan's recent victories, including the significant win over Ohio State, which secured their spot in the Big Ten Championship.

The Bottom Line: One Final Game at the Big House

Blake Corum's tenure at Michigan has been marked by impressive performances and a commitment to excellence. As he looks back on his time with the Wolverines, it's clear that he has been a driving force in their recent successes, including the monumental win over Ohio State. His desire to leave a legacy that transcends the football field speaks volumes about his character and dedication. As Corum and the Wolverines prepare for their next challenge, his impact on the team and the university will undoubtedly be remembered for years to come.