Calvin Johnson’s Unjust Treatment By The Detroit Lions

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The Unresolved Dispute Between Calvin Johnson and the Detroit Lions

Eric Vincent: Calvin Johnson’s Unjust Treatment By The Detroit Lions. What’s good? Detroit Sports Station. I am Eric Vincent, your host here at the DSN News Desk. Thank you for tuning in. We appreciate your time and support and, this story we’re about to get into kind of breaks my heart a little bit. It’s been going on for a while and hopefully, it’ll come to a resolution sooner than later. 

Calvin Johnson opened up in an interview not too long ago. We do have a write-up on our website, Be sure to check that out when you get a chance. And he spoke a little bit about his cannabis business, which I believe he’s opening with former Detroit Lion, offensive guard, Rob Sims.

Shout out to Rob Sims. And of course, they had to get into his current relationship with the Detroit Lions, where they stand, how he’s feeling, and it’s kind of sitting in the same confusing limbo that it’s been in for a while. And honestly, for me it breaks my heart cuz I’m tired of seeing this. 

I’m tired of seeing and knowing that the receiver who, to me is the greatest wide receiver in Detroit Lions history. He’s the second-greatest Detroit Lion in franchise history. To me, he’s the greatest wide receiver in NFL history. Yes. Over Jerry Rice, Randy Moss, all of them.

The GOAT of Pound-For-Pound Skill Deserves More

I don’t care. He’s the goat in terms of pound-for-pound skill. Megatron is above all. And the franchise that he broke his body for, he’s still scraping and fighting to get 1.6 million and the respect that he deserves. 

I don’t understand it. I don’t get it. I know there are fans within the Detroit Lions community that are kind of over this story. They’re onto the future of the franchise, and I get that. They’re also fans that are not on Calvin’s side, they’re saying it’s just 1.6 million.

You retired early. I don’t care. Move on, cry about it. I’ve seen it. I’ve seen the comments. I’ve seen the feedback. And honestly, it breaks my heart because we all, not all, but I’m sure plenty of us can relate to work situations where we’ve given it our all in a circumstance or situation where it was challenging day after day. And we don’t feel like we got the respect that we deserve. It’s not a good feeling.

Why Can’t Calvin Get His $1.6 Million? 

And knowing that we supported Calvin through and through and the injuries that he had to deal with this man was literally at a point where he was practicing once or twice a week, but then getting it a game day, and his body was just getting torn apart, catching tough passes over the middle, taking the cracks of the double teams that he was dealing with on a week by week basis, and he can’t get $1.6 million.

Is that where we are at for real with this team? I don’t understand it, man. I really don’t. And I know, again, I’m ready for the comments I’m ready for the feedback. If you disagree with me, talk to me and tell me why. I’m more than willing to listen. We can deal with it and talk about it, but from what I’ve seen throughout the NFL when teams care about a player when teams care about a situation, they care about someone that’s put on for their franchise.

They do right by that player. Except for the Detroit Lions, and unfortunately, for whatever reason, it’s happened twice with their two most important franchise pieces. I don’t understand. 

Halftime Ceremony & Disrespected Behind the Scenes

I totally get Calvin’s frustration by it. Like I remember last year, yeah, it was last season, not this most recent season, the year before.

Calvin came out and you know, they did their halftime kind of ceremony honoring him after I believe he got nominated to the Hall of Fame and we haven’t heard or seen from the front office in terms of Calvin in their relationship. And the first time we see them is when they’re on the podium standing next to Calvin, trying to act like everything is great, singing his graces, acting like they’re all buddy-buddy.

Calvin Johnson's Unjust Treatment By The Detroit Lions pay him his money Calvin johnson

And I’m, I was disgusted by seeing that. They were actually booed because of that. And I totally understand. We never hear from y’all and the first time you wanna sit up here and speak on Calvin’s name. While y’all have been disrespecting him financially for years now. You want to act like everything is great.

Pay the Man His Money

We heard and saw the reports that you guys wanted him to work off that money over years of time doing promo events, and meet & greets with fans. Now granted, we would all love that. But pay the man his money first. He has to work that off for you. Him with broken fingers that are literally standing sideways on his hand is not enough convincing to say, this man doesn’t deserve $1.6 million.

I don’t care that he retired. He’s your franchise-leading receiver. One of your greatest players in history pay him the respect he deserves man. If I’m a young player, and I don’t wanna speak for young players, but if it were me if I’m a young player and I’m seeing this is how Calvin is treated, I’m a little worried about that.

Lions Should Honor Johnson’s Loyalty

I don’t wanna sit out here and put my body and my livelihood on the line for a franchise that deems me as replaceable. And I’m an all-time great. I’m a goat. I’ve been nothing but respectful. I don’t get in trouble. Calvin ain’t never had no blow-ups with his teammates, anything. He’s never been in trouble for anything, and he can’t get the right to 1.6 million.

He was on the 0 and 16 teams. He could have gone to a different team and rubbed it in our faces. He said it, he said he was getting calls from other teams after he retired and he still said no. He still said no and retired and left as a Detroit Lion. And seeing he was that loyal if you want to call it loyalty.

I look at it as loyalty. If you don’t, I understand, but if he’s loyal enough to remain a Detroit Lion and keep his football resume tied with the city of Detroit, pay the man his money, pay the man his money. It’s clear they wanna be in the good graces. They continue to talk about him. They continue to like pretend and act like everything is smooth and good.

If it’s that good and smooth, pay me my money, especially 1.6 million man. I can’t get with that. I can’t get with that. 

Standing Up for the Detroit Lions’ Goats: Calvin Johnson Edition

I’m very disappointed in the Detroit Lions’ Front office. I really wanna see this problem get resolved as soon as possible because he deserves it. It was ridiculous when Barry had to go through it.

It’s ridiculous knowing that a guy like Tony Romo. Who was in a similar situation for the Dallas Cowboys who didn’t do anything but underachieve his whole career, still get the money that he was owed and paid after he left early and Dallas said, no problem. We gonna take care of you, Tony, because you’ve done right by us.

Calvin has done everything right by this franchise. Pay the man the money he’s owed, pay him the respect that he’s owed. He’s earned it in more ways than one. Give the man the respect he’s owed. But talk to me, the comment section again, I’d love to hear from you if you agree with me I’d love to hear it. If you disagree with me, I’d love to hear it.

What do you think about this continuing tiff between Calvin Johnson and the Detroit Lions? I’d love to hear your feedback. Talk to me in the comment section, and like the video as well. And if you’re new to the channel, subscribe to the channel as we are on our way to 6,000. Subscribers are getting closer and closer every day.

Help us make that happen with your support. We would greatly appreciate it. Tap in on our social media as well. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok as well. All of the above. Search and follow Detroit Sports Nation and lock in with me as well @iamericvincent. Thank you all so much for tuning in and being here with me.

There will never be a time when I pass up the opportunity to go to bat for Calvin Johnson. I’m gonna always stand up for the goats of this city in this great, amazing sports franchise. I’m gonna make sure Calvin gets the respect that he’s owed. Thank you again for tuning in. I really appreciate you guys. I’ll be right back again soon with another update right here from the DSN News Desk. Peace.

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  1. I would just want them to pay him back to get him in the building also have no issue how they requested the 1.6 back. But I don’t believe he was being loyal not taking calls from other teams. If he was as broken as he said he was there was no way he was coming back to play for the Lions or any other team.

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