Carolina Panthers praise Detroit Lions ahead of Week 5 matchup

Recognizing game: Winless Carolina Panthers praise Detroit Lions before trip to Ford Field

Winless Carolina Panthers praise Detroit Lions before trip to Ford Field

The Detroit Lions have launched themselves into the 2023 season with a strong start, securing victories in three out of their first four games and seizing the lead in the NFC North Division. They now have the opportunity to advance to a 4-1 record this Sunday at Ford Field when they host the winless Carolina Panthers (0-4). The Panthers have only positive remarks about their upcoming opponent.

Carolina Panthers praise Detroit Lions

Panthers head coach Frank Reich was especially effusive in his praise of Lions offensive coordinator Ben Johnson, acknowledging him as one of the premier NFL assistants in his position.

“He's done a great job,” Reich said of Johnson. “They mix it well. They run it well. Good play action game. Good vertical passing game down the field off the play action game, which all stems off their ability to run the football.”

Bryce Young on the Lions defense

Panthers quarterback Bryce Young, who has thrown for 503 yards with a pair of touchdowns and two interceptions in three starts, called the Lions defense “very physical”.

“It's a really good unit,” he said. “They play together. Really well coached. Very physical. You can tell they care a lot and they communicate well. They are very sound in what they do. I think it's going to be a good challenge for us. They are an elite defense.”

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TL;DR (too long didn't read)

  1. The 3-1 Detroit Lions lead their division and will be hosting the 0-4 Carolina Panthers this Sunday at Ford Field
  2. The Panthers have nothing but good things to say about their upcoming opponent
  3. Both head coach Frank Reich and quarterback Bryce Young praised the Lions offense and defense, respectively

Bottom Line: Can the Lions improve to 4-1?

Lions quarterback Jared Goff has wisely emphasized that, despite their strong start, the team cannot afford to become complacent. Games against winless opponents can sometimes lead to underestimation, resulting in unexpected outcomes.

The Lions and Panthers are scheduled to kick off at Ford Field this Sunday, beginning at 1:00 PM EST. The question remains: Can Detroit extend their record to 4-1?