Charles Woodson says there is only one thing for Michigan Football to do to shut up haters

Charles Woodson says there is only one thing for Michigan Football to do to shut up haters.

Charles Woodson says there is only one thing for Michigan Football to do to shut up haters

Michigan Football‘s journey to the national title game against Washington has been clouded with allegations of cheating, but Charles Woodson, a revered figure in Michigan's football history, has a clear message: “Might as well go win it all.” Appearing on the Rich Eisen Show, Woodson, a Heisman Trophy winner from the University of Michigan, discussed the controversy surrounding the team and drew parallels with Tom Brady‘s career.

Charles Woodson shares his thoughts on Michigan Football sign-stealing Charles Woodson says there is only one thing for Michigan Football to do

What did Charles Woodson Say?

Woodson highlighted that despite accusations of cheating against the New England Patriots, Tom Brady is remembered primarily for his seven Super Bowl wins. He applied this logic to Michigan's current situation, suggesting that victory and a national championship title would ultimately define the team's legacy, overshadowing any allegations of wrongdoing.

“If people are going to call us cheaters, then we might as well go win it all,” Woodson told Eisen, also a Michigan alum.

“You looked at the video with Coach Harbaugh talking about [junior signal-caller] J.J. McCarthy and trying to compare him to [former Michigan and NFL quarterback] Tom Brady. Here’s the one thing I know about Tom Brady, is that every time anybody mentions Tom Brady, they call him a seven-time Super Bowl champion. Nobody ever says anything about all the talk about cheating, that the New England Patriots were supposed to have done. They just say he’s a seven-time Super Bowl champion.

In his conversation with Eisen, another Michigan alum, Woodson emphasized the importance of triumph in the face of adversity. His advice to the Michigan team was straightforward: if they are already being labeled as cheaters, they should focus on winning the national championship. Achieving this would ensure that regardless of the controversy, the team would always be remembered as national champions.

“So, for our guys, if they’re going to call you cheaters, you might as well win it — and then guess what, forever they have to call you a national champion. So, go get it done.”

Michigan vs. Washington

TL;DR (too long didn't read)

  1. Charles Woodson, a Michigan legend, addresses the cheating allegations against Michigan football on the Rich Eisen Show.
  2. Woodson suggests winning the national championship as the best response to critics, drawing parallels with Tom Brady’s legacy.
  3. He emphasizes that victory in the face of controversy can redefine a team's legacy, overshadowing any negative perceptions.

The Bottom Line

The advice from a seasoned, successful athlete like Charles Woodson carries significant weight for the Michigan team. As they prepare for the national title game, Woodson's words offer a perspective that champions resilience and ambition over succumbing to controversy. His message is clear: in the world of competitive sports, ultimate victory is the most compelling counterargument to criticism, and for Michigan, winning the national championship could be the defining moment that reshapes their story in the annals of college football history.