Chicago Bears legend Dick Butkus fires shot at Detroit Lions

Chicago Bears legend Dick Butkus fires shot at Detroit Lions: Mr. Butkus, the Lions are going to STOMP your Bears TWICE in 2023!

Chicago Bears legend Dick Butkus fires shot at Detroit Lions

On Thursday night, the Detroit Lions found themselves in the spotlight as they geared up for a matchup against the reigning Super Bowl champions, the Kansas City Chiefs. But before the Lions could take the field at Arrowhead Stadium, Chicago Bears legend Dick Butkus decided to fire a shot at the Lions.

Chicago Bears trade Dick Butkus fires shot at Detroit Lions

What did Dick Butkus Say?

The Pro Football Hall of Famer took to Twitter and delivered a not-so-subtle jab at the Lions, stating, “I got excited that the NFL starts today, but then I realized it's the Detroit Lions.” This humorous yet pointed remark served as a reminder of the Lions' historical struggles in the NFL.

Dick Butkus fires shot at Detroit Lions

Why it Matters

While the Lions closed out the 2022 season on a high note, finishing with a winning record and narrowly missing the playoffs, they haven't secured a divisional title since 1993. Despite this, the Lions enter this season as the favorites to win the NFC North, sparking heightened expectations for the team.

Butkus is Rooting for One Lion

Shortly after his initial quip, Butkus shifted gears on social media, expressing his anticipation for one particular Lions player, Jack Campbell. As the 2022 College Butkus Award Winner from Iowa, Campbell was set to make his NFL debut against the Chiefs, and Butkus urged him to “make it count.”

TL;DR (too long didn't read)

  1. Bears legend Dick Butkus playfully poked fun at the Detroit Lions on Twitter before their season-opening matchup against the Chiefs.
  2. Butkus' remark highlighted the historical struggles of the Lions in the NFL, despite their recent improvements and status as NFC North favorites.
  3. Butkus also expressed excitement about watching Lions' rookie Jack Campbell, the 2022 College Butkus Award Winner, make his NFL debut.

Bottom Line: A Light-hearted Rivalry

Dick Butkus' playful taunting of the Detroit Lions serves as a reminder of the spirited rivalries that make the NFL so captivating. In a league where intense competition often gives way to camaraderie and banter, Butkus' humorous jab adds an extra layer of excitement to the upcoming season. While the Lions have been on the rise, their historical challenges make them a frequent target for good-natured ribbing from rivals like Butkus. With that being said, hopefully the Lions kick the crap out of the Bears twice in 2023!