Cleveland Browns unveil ‘White Out’ alternate helmet for 2023

Just moments ago, the Cleveland Browns alternate helmet was released. What are your thoughts?

The Cleveland Browns have excited fans by unveiling a new ‘White Out' alternate helmet that takes them back to their roots. The white alternate helmet, adorned with an orange and brown stripe down the middle, pays homage to the team's early days when they wore white helmets for six years since their inception in 1946.

Cleveland Browns unveil ‘White Out’ alternate helmet 

This throwback look will be paired with the white throwback jerseys from 2021, creating a true nostalgic experience for fans. The Browns will don these helmets for three games in 2023, allowing fans to relive the glory days of All-American Football Conference championships and their first NFL league championship in 1950. As the Browns embark on this journey down memory lane, they aim to engage and delight their loyal fanbase.

“We're super fired up and really excited to have this opportunity to wear an alternate helmet,” Executive Vice President and Partner JW Johnson said. “We decided to go with the white helmet for a couple reasons — it harkens back to our past, and a lot of our greatest players wore white helmets. We also heard from our fans that it was the direction they wanted. We always want to continue having great fan interaction and deliver for them as much as we possibly can.”

Cleveland Browns Drop Video to Unveil Alternate Helmet

Here is the video the Browns tweeted out just moments ago to unveil their new alternate helmet:

Photos of Browns Alternate Helmet

Here are a couple of photos of the ‘White Out' helmet/uniform combo the Browns will wear three times during the 2023 season.

Cleveland Browns alternate Helmet
Cleveland Browns alternate Helmet

When will the Browns wear their new alternate helmet?

As you can see below, the Browns will wear their new alternate helmet three times in 2023. The helmets will be worn in Week 2 against the Steelers, Week 6 against the 49ers, and Week 17 against the Jets.

Cleveland Browns alternate helmet

Key Points

  • The Cleveland Browns unveil a new alternate white helmet with a nostalgic design.
  • The helmet features an orange and brown stripe down the middle, reminiscent of the team's early days.
  • The Browns will pair the helmet with white throwback jerseys for three games in the 2023 season.
  • This look pays tribute to the team's early years, harkening back to its inception in 1946.
  • The Browns won four All-American Football Conference championships while wearing white helmets in their early years.
  • Fans are encouraged to participate in the “White Out Series” by wearing white during these games.

Bottom Line – Uniting the Past and Present

As the Cleveland Browns showcase their white alternate helmet and don throwback jerseys for select games in the 2023 season, they are bridging the gap between the past and present. The combination of modern-day athleticism and aesthetics with the nostalgic design of the alternate helmet allows the team to celebrate its legacy while looking ahead to the future. It is a statement of pride and a commitment to continue building upon the foundation laid by their legendary players.