Dan Campbell does not mince words when discussing low hit on Shane Zylstra

Dan Campbell is not ok with the hit that Khalil Dorsey put on Shane Zylstra during Monday's practice.

On Monday, Detroit Lions tight end Shane Zylstra suffered what will likely be a season-ending injury when he took a low hit from Khalil Dorsey. This morning, Dan Campbell addressed the media prior to practice, and when asked about Dorsey's hit, the Lions' head coach did not mince words when saying that he is not ok with that type of play in training camp.

Dan Campbell
Detroit Lions Shane Zylstra

Dan Campbell's Heart Goes Out To Zylstra

Campbell began by explaining how awful he feels for Zylstra, talking about how the tight end had returned from a “tough” injury he suffered two years ago. He also spoke about how Zylstra was a ‘pivotal part' of the Lions success when they turned the corner in 2022.

“First of all, I feel awful for Zylstra,” Campbell said. “My gosh, man. He had the injury two years ago, that was a tough one… man that was a TOUGH injury that he fought his way back from, and then you saw what he was able to do for us. He was a pivotal part of our success last year, once we started turning the corner. Um, and you know, he just does everything right. He works, he's a grinder, and then this one happens. So, you know… my hearts with him. And honestly, it shouldn't have happened.”

Campbell does not mince words when discussing low hit on Zylstra

The Lions head coach then went on to make himself very clear that he and the team are not ok with the type of hit that was put on Zylstra during Monday's practice.

“No, we're not ok with that,” Campbell added. “And it's been addressed. So, you know, these thing happen. The physicality of the game, the pads, but that was preventable, that's not what we do. So, um, and believe me, you know, Khalil feels awful too, we get that. Be we've got to take care of each other. We still have to be physical, we have to work each other, we got to compete, but we still have to take care of each other. So that was, we talked about it, and we move on.”

Key Points

  1. Detroit Lions' tight end Shane Zylstra suffered a season-ending injury due to a low hit from Khalil Dorsey during Monday's practice.
  2. Lions' head coach, Dan Campbell, expressed his deep regret and sympathy for Zylstra's situation during a media briefing, highlighting Zylstra's crucial role in the team's past successes and his relentless determination.
  3. Campbell has openly condemned the type of play that led to the injury, stating that it's not acceptable within the training camp, and has made it clear that the issue has been addressed within the team.
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Bottom Line: An Unacceptable Hit Causes Devastation

In the wake of the unfortunate injury to Detroit Lions' tight end Shane Zylstra, resulting from a low hit by Khalil Dorsey, Campbell has openly shared his sentiments. In expressing his profound empathy for Zylstra, Campbell underscored the player's past struggles with injury, his pivotal role in the team's recent successes, and his tenacious work ethic. The incident triggered an immediate response within the team, with Campbell sternly condemning such potentially harmful actions during training.

While acknowledging the physically demanding nature of the game, Campbell emphasized the importance of striking a balance between competitive spirit and mutual care among team members. This incident serves as a critical reminder of the necessity for prudent safety measures during training, as the Lions look to move past this unfortunate event and focus on their upcoming season.