Dan Campbell explains reason for Detroit Lions schedule change

Dan Campbell explains reason for Detroit Lions schedule change

Dan Campbell explains reason for Detroit Lions schedule change

The Detroit Lions, gearing up for their Week 7 showdown with the Baltimore Ravens, have taken a turn in their preparations. Typically, Wednesday marks the first practice of the week, serving as a crucial stepping stone for teams to brace themselves for their impending battle. However, for the Lions, who've faced physically demanding opponents in recent weeks, head coach Dan Campbell has decided to shake things up and grant the roster an extra day to recover following a grueling road victory against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Dan Campbell

What Schedule Change did Dan Campbell Make?

The Lions generally hold a full padded practice on the Wednesday before a game, but Campbell said that would not be happening this week.

“So just changed the schedule up a little bit,” said Dan Campbell. “Been going pretty good, been playing physical opponents, got another one coming up, so I wanted to back down. Today, it'll be a lot of mental work and then we'll do a little bit of just getting our heart rate up at the very end. Felt like that's what we need for today and then we're back in rhythm tomorrow.” 

The Lions have earned a reputation for their intense practice sessions, but mid-week injuries have begun to pile up. However, Coach Campbell clarified that the practice pace or the rising number of injuries didn't directly influence their decision to change the schedule this week.

“With where we’ve been going, we’ve been in a meat grinder here for a while,” he stated. “I just felt like this was the right time. We’re responding well, and I want them to have enough gas in the tank.”

TL;DR (too long didn't read)

  1. Detroit Lions are adjusting their practice schedule to prepare for the Baltimore Ravens.
  2. Coach Dan Campbell emphasizes the need for mental work and rest to face their physical opponents effectively.
  3. The Ravens present a formidable challenge with a strong defense, leading the league in sacks.
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Bottom Line – Adapting for Success

The Detroit Lions' decision to tweak their practice schedule reflects a coach who is not only focused on the present but also looking ahead to ensure his team's long-term success. This calculated adjustment may be the key to unlocking their potential against the formidable Baltimore Ravens. It's a testament to the team's commitment to excellence and their willingness to do whatever it takes to secure victory on the field.