Dan Campbell raves about Jared Goff: ‘Man, he was on fire’

Dan Campbell raves about Jared Goff: Find out everything Campbell had to say about his QB 1.

Dan Campbell raves about Jared Goff: ‘Man, he was on fire’

On Sunday, Jared Goff showcased his quarterback prowess once again, delivering a performance that ignited the Detroit Lions and their fans. Goff completed an impressive 20-of-28 passes for a total of 236 yards, including three touchdowns, and zero interceptions. This stellar performance resulted in a remarkable 132.4 passer rating. Following the game, head coach Dan Campbell raved about his signal caller.

Dan Campbell raves about Jared Goff

What did Dan Campbell say about Jared Goff?

In the aftermath of the Lions' 42-24 victory over the Carolina Panthers, Campbell couldn't help but laud Goff's contributions to the team. He commended the quarterback's current high-level play, highlighting his confidence and poise on the field. The Lions entered the game with a game plan to emphasize passing, and Goff executed it with precision.

“There’s always more Goff can give, and that’s a great thing because he is playing at a high level right now,” Campbell said. “He’s playing at a high level, and I love where his confidence is at. And we came out saying we wanted to throw this ball early in this game and, man, he was on fire.

“He’s taken a couple of hits here and he bounces up off the turf, but once again he’s playing really good football for us and we have a tremendous amount of confidence in him,” Campbell said. “But I’m sure if you ask him of course he’s got more to give and we expect more, so we’re in a great place right now with him.”

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TL;DR (too long didn't read)

  1. Jared Goff's remarkable performance led the Lions to a resounding victory over the Panthers.
  2. Goff threw for 236 yards, three touchdowns, and had zero interceptions against the Panthers
  3. Coach Dan Campbell commended Goff's confidence and expressed optimism for his continued growth.

Bottom Line – The Goff Era Ascends

As the Detroit Lions continue to build momentum, Jared Goff's stellar performance signifies the continuation of a promising era. With his growing confidence and unwavering determination, Goff is poised to lead the team to even greater heights in the games to come.