Dan Campbell reacts to Sheila Hamp’s vote of confidence

On Friday, Dan Campbell spoke to reporters and he said he appreciates the support from Sheila Hamp, but he also does not take it lightly.

Leading up to the 2022 NFL season, there was a ton of hype building around the Detroit Lions. Despite the fact they only won three games in 2021, there was a growing feeling that they could make a huge jump in Year 2 under Dan Campbell and Brad Holmes. Unfortunately, that has not been the case as they are currently sitting at 1-5, which puts them in last place in the NFL. Earlier this week, Lions owner Sheila Hamp spoke to reporters and she made it clear that she still believes in the leadership of Campbell and Holmes.

“I just wanted to follow through with what I said initially that I would be open and honest and available for you guys,” Hamp said. “So, here I am. I’m sure you have a few questions for me but wanted to open with a couple comments. I know this is difficult. Our rebuild is hard, but we really believe in our process. We really believe in–we’re going to turn this thing around the right way, through the draft. It requires patience. It’s frustrating. Am I frustrated? Absolutely. Are the fans frustrated? Absolutely? Are you guys frustrated?

“What I really have confidence in is the process we went through in the first place when we hired Brad (Holmes) and Dan. It was extremely thorough, and we really believe we’ve come up with the right people. I can’t comment on other teams’ rosters and what they had in the first place. All I know is what we had and where we’re going.”

“I believe in the leadership.”

Sheila Hamp

What did Dan Campbell say about Sheila Hamp's vote of confidence?

On Friday, Campbell spoke to reporters and said he appreciates Sheila Hamp's support, but he also does not take it lightly.

“We've got to win,” Campbell said to reporters. “There's still urgency here. That's never changed.”

On Sunday, the Lions will look to pick up their second win of the season when they host the Miami Dolphins at Ford Field.

Nation, do you think the Lions will beat the Dolphins?