Dan Campbell says Lions win if not for Jared Goff’s pick-six

The Detroit Lions lost to the Seahawks by a score of 48-45 and following the game, Dan Campbell commented on Jared Goff's big mistake.

On Sunday, Jared Goff and the Detroit Lions offense put up a whopping 45 points but according to Dan Campbell, if the Lions could get back Goff's big mistake, they would have won the game.

Campbell told reporters after the game that he was going to look at everything from coaching, to scheme, to personnel.

“Right now, the answer is to, look, we’ve got to clean. Obviously, clean up there. And, I look at everything with (Aaron Glenn) AG. We’ll look at everything we need to,” Campbell said. “To the scheme, to our personnel, and we’ll find the best fit and whatever we feel like’s going to give us the best chance and the best chance in three or four weeks, too. If that’s a young player, it’s a young player.”

What did Dan Campbell say about Jared Goff?

Following the game, Detroit Lions head coach Campbell spoke to reporters, and he could not help but mention Jared Goff's costly interception, and how it spotted the Seahawks seven points.

“But, we’ve got to outscore them. Honestly, there again, is — as messy as some of it was early, offensively, we can’t — you can’t be that way when you get in this type of game,” Campbell continued. “The offense is, that’s where this game went. It was high scoring, and so we have to outscore them. If you make a mistake, it can’t be for seven points.”

Campbell then made it clear that he believes the Lions would have won the game had it not been for Jared Goff's pick-six.

“We spotted them seven. So, you take that away, we win this game,” Campbell commented. 

Nation, do you agree with Dan Campbell? Would the Lions have beaten the Seahawks had the pick-six not taken place? Or, would they have found another way to lose?

Overall, Jared Goff played a solid game

All in all, Jared Goff was solid for the Lions on Sunday and though he did have a big mistake, it does not seem fair for blaming him for the loss.

During the game, Goff completed 26-of-39 passes for 378 yards and four touchdowns to go along with the one interception.

So far this season, Goff has completed 60.9% of his passes for 1,126 yards and 11 touchdowns to go along with three interceptions. In terms of QBR, Goff is currently No. 8 in the NFL.