Dan Campbell vows to have Detroit Lions ready for Chicago Bears

The Detroit Lions were not prepared against the Carolina Panthers. Dan Campbell vows to have his team ready for Week 17.

From Week 9 through Week 15, Dan Campbell and the Detroit Lions did not only look well-prepared for each of their games, but they ended up winning six of those seven games to move to 7-7 on the season. But, on Christmas Eve, the Lions looked like a completely different team as they were absolutely dominated by the Carolina Panthers to the tune of 37-23. Following the game, Campbell took the blame, and he did so again on Monday when he spoke to reporters in Allen Park.

Dan Campbell Detroit Lions

What did Dan Campbell say about the Lions being ready for the Bears?

On Monday, Campbell spoke to the media and he once again took the blame for the Lions not being ready on Saturday against the Panthers. He also vowed to have his team ready for their Week 17 matchup at Ford Field against the Chicago Bears.

“Everything that can be perceived as a negative, you have to be able to get something out of,” he said. “If you don't, then you really aren't growing and learning and making the most of the situation at hand. That happened. It happened for a reason. We weren't ready, which falls on me.

“I'm going to have them ready this week. And so, it's all about how we respond, and that's the beauty of it. Everything, it's in our hands how we want to handle this. And so, we'll be ready for this one.”

Nation, do you think the Lions will have a better showing in Week 17 against the Chicago Bears?