Dan Campbell’s text message helped convince John Cominsky to re-sign with Lions

The Detroit Lions have managed to secure one of their valuable defensive linemen, John Cominsky, for another two years with the team. The defensive lineman had other suitors in the free agency, but he knew where he wanted to be all along. And with one text message from Detroit head coach Dan Campbell, Cominsky knew exactly what he needed to do.

Dan Campbell 2023 NFL Coach of the Year John Cominsky

Key Points:

  • Cominsky wanted to remain with the Detroit Lions organization.
  • Detroit claimed him off waivers and he worked his way into a big role on the team's defense.
  • With one text message from Campbell, Cominsky felt wanted and valued by the organization.
  • Cominsky agreed to re-sign with the Lions on a two-year, $8.5 million contract.
  • Cominsky finished second on the team in pressures behind only rookie Aidan Hutchinson.
  • Cominsky is motivated by the belief from a whole organization that he is worth every bit of that contract.

Why it Matters for Dan Campbell and John Cominsky

Cominsky made it clear during his time in free agency that he wanted to remain with the Lions organization. With one text message from Campbell, it was obvious to Cominsky where he wanted to be. On Tuesday, Cominsky agreed to re-sign with the Lions on a two-year, $8.5 million contract. Heading into his fifth year in the NFL, the veteran gets some stability in his new contract.

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“Detroit was it all along,” Cominsky said. “We wanted to be here. We wanted to get what we deserved and we also wanted to be here at the same time, so there was a little balance there and Detroit called us with something solid and Coach Campbell sent me a text saying, ‘I’m dying to have you here,' and I told my wife, ‘That’s it, I’m going to Detroit.' So here we are.”

“A lot of guys are motivated in a way that it’s the chip on your shoulder, you’re counted out and guys are motivated by that negativity and now this is different,” he said. “This is a belief from the whole organization. A lot of people saying I believe in you and I want to see you succeed. So it’s a different type of motivation for me and it feels more pure. It’s all positive and it’s really exciting to prove everyone right, prove these coaches, the organization, the fans, family, myself, prove them right that I’m worth every bit of that contract, so very motivated moving forward.”

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Big Picture: A Coach's Personal Touch

Campbell's text message to Cominsky shows the impact that a coach's personal touch can have on a player's decision to stay with a team. In a league where money talks, the human element can often be overlooked. The Lions organization demonstrated that they value Cominsky and that he is an essential part of their defense. Campbell's personal touch played a significant role in securing Cominsky's re-signing with the team.

John Cominsky By the Numbers

Cominsky had his best season in the NFL in 2022 with the Lions.

  • Cominsky totaled 30 tackles, 4.5 sacks, and a forced fumble.
  • Cominsky finished second on the team in pressures behind only rookie Aidan Hutchinson.

Cominsky's statistics demonstrate his value to the Lions' defense. His performance on the field has made him a crucial player on the team, and the Lions recognized this by re-signing him for another two years. Cominsky's continued success will be vital to the Lions' success in future seasons.

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