David Perron celebrates 300 NHL Goals milestone by complimenting Detroit Red Wings teammates

Detroit Red Wings forward David Perron reached 300 NHL Goals today with a pair of tallies against the Wild!

Detroit Red Wings forward David Perron reached 300 NHL Goals today with a pair of tallies against the Wild!

The Detroit Red Wings experienced a frustrating trip to Sweden, securing just one point out of a potential four. However, they've made a remarkable rebound. Today, their 4-1 triumph against the visiting Minnesota Wild at Little Caesars Arena marked their third consecutive win. The veterans' scoring prowess led the charge, notably forward David Perron, who notched his 300th career goal in the third period.

300 NHL Goals

David Perron is in his 2nd year with the Red Wings

Perron, initially drafted by the St. Louis Blues in 2007 and a pivotal contributor to their 2019 Stanley Cup victory, is currently in his second year with the Red Wings. His invaluable veteran presence has significantly influenced the team's younger players, who stand to gain immensely from his wealth of championship experience

“It was nice scoring those goals, the way we're playing, it's always nice,” he said of reaching the milestone. “We have winning habits out there and we're playing the right way, that's why we're getting rewarded.”

Perron netted both of his goals during power plays, bolstering the team's impressive near 50% conversion rate at the beginning of the season. However, as the season unfolded, this rate understandably tapered off

“It's what it's all about, on the power play it's nice to score goals, and the one we didn't score on, we created momentum,” Perron said of the power play.

David Perron Detroit Red Wings Henrik Zetterberg David Perron wants to be more than a leader for Detroit Red Wings

Meanwhile, he also gave a shoutout to defenseman Shayne Gostisbehere, who assisted on both goals.

“Ghost, on the two goals I had, he put it right in my wheelhouse and all I had to do was put it in the net,” he said.

“It felt great,” he continued. “Good plays by the guys on the ice to get me open for a couple looks. It's one that I'm glad is over and we can move forward and keep adding, hopefully.”

However, Perron chose to focus on the overall bigger picture of his team's improved play rather than his historic personal milestone.

“The best way we've done it, we went to Boston and had a really good game there,” he said. “We're playing the right way. When you do the right things, you get rewarded and that's what's happening right now.”

TL;DR (too long didn't read)

  1. Veteran Detroit Red Wings forward David Perron scored reached 300 NHL Goals this afternoon against the Minnesota Wild
  2. He scored twice as part of a 4-1 victory by Detroit, their third straight win after picking up only one of four available points on their trip to Sweden
  3. Perron focused on the big picture and credited his teammates for his success

Bottom Line: David Perron has been a great addition

GM Steve Yzerman had a clear focus last offseason, targeting Perron for his veteran leadership and invaluable intangibles that could benefit a rebuilding team. Perron has indeed delivered on that expectation, showcasing his worth while donning the Winged Wheel.

In their upcoming game, Perron and the Red Wings seek redemption against the New York Rangers, who previously bested them with a 5-3 final score earlier this month