David Perron wants to be more than a leader for Detroit Red Wings

David Perron wants to be more than a leader for Detroit Red Wings: Red Wings winger David Perron discusses Detroit's outlook for the coming season

David Perron wants to be more than a leader for Detroit Red Wings

In his 17th season in the NHL, Detroit Red Wings forward David Perron is no stranger to the rigors of professional hockey. But as he prepares for the upcoming season, he's making a conscious effort to adapt his approach. Perron recognizes that he can't prepare for the game the same way he did in his early twenties.

David Perron Detroit Red Wings Henrik Zetterberg David Perron wants to be more than a leader for Detroit Red Wings

Why it Matters: A Winning Perspective

He's undergone a physical transformation, shedding weight and focusing on arriving at camp in peak condition. His commitment is not just about leadership in the locker room; he aims to be a force on the ice as well.

“I talked with Alex Tanguay at my end-of-year meeting, and he mentioned himself that in the later years of his career, he wished that he maybe dropped five, six, seven pounds and made sure he showed up to camp in incredible shape, and that's exactly what I did over the summer,” Perron explains to the press after a Friday morning practice. 

“I went from probably 200, 202 [pounds], and I'm at probably 194, 195 right now…I feel really good right now. Just working through those first couple days of soreness and then I'm gonna really start pushing…It's one thing to play 3-on-3 in the summer, and there's no physical plays, but I think you saw in the first two days, guys are trying to get physical to really increase the pace, and that's what I'm out there to do.”

More Than A Leader

As Perron surveys the Red Wings' current roster, he sees potential for success. He's quick to praise the coaching staff for their preparations and believes that the team has what it takes to compete consistently. His words underscore the importance of a winning mindset and the dedication required to reach the playoffs.

“We know exactly what we want to accomplish,” Perron continues.  “We go into a practice, and we don't just wait around and see what our system's gonna be, what kinda drills we're gonna do.  The older guys, all the guys that are familiar with what we're supposed to do out on the ice, we can push the pace in practice, and that's exactly what we've done in the first two days already.”

When asked what his motivation was, the Sherbrooke, Quebec-native quips cutting a few pounds “just to be able to follow Larks [Dylan Larkin] around.”  In a moment of greater sincerity, he offers, “I don't want to just take on a leadership role and just do that in the room. I want to be a guy that does it on the ice too.”

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TL;DR (too long didn't read)

  1. David Perron's Commitment: In his 17th NHL season, David Perron is not content with just being a leader in the locker room. He has made a dedicated effort to transform his physical condition and arrive at training camp in peak shape.
  2. A Wealth of Experience: Perron's extensive NHL journey, filled with both near-misses and triumphs, brings a valuable perspective to the Red Wings. His understanding of what it takes to win at the highest level of hockey underscores the importance of a winning mindset within the team.
  3. The Promise of the Red Wings: As Perron looks at the current Red Wings roster, he sees potential for the team to compete consistently and make strides toward the playoffs. His confidence in the coaching staff's preparations and the team's ability to push the pace in practice bodes well for the upcoming season.

Bottom Line – Perron's Winning Philosophy

As David Perron gears up for another NHL season, he brings a winning philosophy to the Detroit Red Wings. His commitment to leadership and physical fitness underscores the team's drive to succeed. With a seasoned veteran like Perron in the mix, the Red Wings are poised for a season that could surprise many.