Dear NFL: Detroit Lions fans DO NOT accept your apology!

Dear NFL,

You screwed the Detroit Lions again!

This time, it was on Monday Night Football against the Green Bay Packers, in front of a national audience.

The Lions did not play the perfect game but they played well enough to beat the Packers and your officials ripped a victory away from them. It was a win that would have propelled the Lions into first place in the NFC North, but now, they are in last. Thanks to your incompetence.

This afternoon, we had Déjà vu when news broke that your executive Troy Vincent admitted that the officiating crew on MNF blew a call against Lions' DL, Trey Flowers. It was actually the second time in the same quarter that Flowers was flagged for a phantom hands-to-the-face penalty, costing the Lions the game.

Vincent said he was going to be meeting with Lions owner Martha Ford and talking to GM Bob Quinn about the blown call. He will apologize for the mistake on the field and he will promise that the league will do everything in their power to make sure it does not happen again.

But guess what, NFL…

Us Lions' fans are sick and tired of the same old shit! We DO NOT accept your empty apology and we never will.

Your incompetent officiating crews have screwed the Lions over and over again and that stops NOW!

Get it right,

Lions fans