Derek Lalonde has a blunt message for Jake Walman after Detroit Red Wings OT win

Despite the Detroit Red Wings OT win, coach Derek Lalonde has a blunt message for Jake Walman. Photo credit: Brian Bradshaw Sevald - USA Today Sports

Despite the Detroit Red Wings OT win, coach Derek Lalonde has a blunt message for Jake Walman.

The Detroit Red Wings secured a significant two points in the standings on Friday night with a thrilling 5-4 overtime victory against the Nashville Predators. Lucas Raymond ended an eight-game goal drought with his game-winning goal in overtime, while defenseman Jake Walman contributed two goals of his own. Despite Walman's performance, head coach Derek Lalonde made sure to temper expectations and keep Walman grounded in his post-game remarks.

Derek Lalonde has a blunt message

Derek Lalonde has a blunt message for Walman, who scored twice in the Detroit Red Wings OT win

Despite Jake Walman's two goals, his turnover in the third period contributed to Nashville's tying goal by former Red Wing Gustav Nyquist. Head Coach Derek Lalonde noted this instance as another departure from Walman's usual character, expressing his concern over the uncharacteristic play.

“He puts two in the back of the net, great goals, but he's one of those players that'll have eight or nine minutes of great play then he just does something out of character and unfortunately that's the way it's been going for us lately,” Lalonde said. “It winds up in the back of our net. He's not much different than the rest of our guys. We have to start being more complete with our game.”

It's great that Walman addressed the challenging stretch the Red Wings have been enduring lately and emphasized the team's need to step up and meet those challenges head-on. Acknowledging the difficulties and committing to overcoming them is crucial for bouncing back stronger.

“It's going to happen, stuff like that, games aren't going to be easy,” said Walman of the adversity. “You have to expect some sort of adversity at some point and it's good, the guys in the room are ready for that challenge.”

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TL;DR (too long didn't read)

  1. The Detroit Red Wings earned a huge two points thanks to their 5-4 overtime victory over the Nashville Predators on Friday night at Little Caesars Arena
  2. Defenseman Jake Walman earned his first-ever two-goal game as an NHL defenseman
  3. Head coach Derek Lalonde kept Walman grounded by addressing his costly turnover that led to Nashville's tying goal in the 3rd period as part of the Detroit Red Wings OT win

Bottom Line: Detroit must tighten up defensively

The recent slump of the Red Wings has been primarily attributed to defensive lapses resulting in favorable scoring chances for their opponents. At present, the Red Wings must minimize these defensive errors as their rivals tend to capitalize on such opportunities, making it imperative to deny them easy scoring chances.

Indeed, Walman's performance, coupled with the team's victory on Friday night, brings a positive outlook for the Red Wings. This win holds the potential to catalyze a series of favorable outcomes as Detroit aims to secure its first playoff spot since 2016.