Detroit Lions 2024 NFL Draft Targets: OL Kingsley Suamataia Could Join Cousin Penei Sewell

Detroit Lions 2024 NFL Draft Targets: OL Kingsley Suamataia Could Join Cousin Penei Sewell.

Detroit Lions 2024 NFL Draft Targets: OL Kingsley Suamataia Could Join Cousin Penei Sewell

After a heartbreaking defeat in the NFC Championship Game against the San Francisco 49ers, the Detroit Lions are gearing up for a crucial offseason. The team's focus has now pivoted towards strengthening their roster for the 2024 season, with the NFL Draft spotlighting as a golden opportunity for enhancement. General Manager Brad Holmes, renowned for his drafting prowess, aims to extend his successful streak at the 2024 NFL Draft, set to be hosted in Detroit. A prime candidate on the Lions' radar is BYU‘s offensive lineman (OL), Kingsley Suamataia, a prospect with familial ties to the team through his cousin, Lions' offensive tackle (OT), Penei Sewell.

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Kingsley Suamataia's Profile (Via Bleacher Report)

  • Height: 6'4″
  • Weight: 329 lbs
  • HAND: 10 3/8″
  • ARM: 34 1/4″
  • WINGSPAN: 82 1/2″


  • Robust Build: Thick and muscular physique with evenly distributed weight, good arm length, and large hands.
  • Athleticism: Impressive burst and quickness for reaching blocking assignments effectively.
  • Agility in Blocking: Remarkable agility in executing combo blocks and climbing to the second level, employing strength to displace and block defenders.
  • Mobility: Smooth movements on pulls and climbs to seal off linebackers and safeties.
  • Lateral Movement: Ability to maintain position at tackle with lateral movement and redirect capabilities.
  • Pass Protection Technique: Nuanced hand techniques for initiating contact and disrupting rushers, including effective use of the snatch-trap technique.


  • Upright Playstyle: Inconsistent hand placement and an upright stance provide easier access for opponents.
  • Decision-Making: Room for growth in managing space, body positioning, and reacting to wide rush alignments and stunts.
  • Overzealous Approaches: Tendency for overcommitment, leading to vulnerability against agile defenders.

TL;DR (too long didn't read)

  1. Versatile Blocker: Suamataia's agility and strength make him effective at both combo blocks and second-level engagements.
  2. Pass Protection Skills: His nuanced hand techniques and lateral mobility offer robust pass protection capabilities.
  3. Room for Refinement: Addressing his upright playstyle and decision-making is crucial for NFL-level consistency.
Detroit Lions land top prospect

Bottom Line

As the Detroit Lions look to reinforce their offensive line, Kingsley Suamataia emerges as a compelling draft target. His physical attributes, combined with his quickness and blocking techniques, align with the team's requirements for a robust and dynamic OL unit. Joining forces with his cousin, Penei Sewell, could not only strengthen familial bonds but significantly bolster the Lions' offensive line, contributing to the team's aspirations for a formidable comeback in the 2024 season.

However, Suamataia's transition to the NFL will necessitate addressing the noted areas of improvement to maximize his impact and ensure his longevity in the league. With Holmes at the helm, the Lions' drafting strategy remains a beacon of optimism, with Suamataia potentially marking the beginning of an exciting new chapter for Detroit‘s offensive line.

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