Detroit Lions: Aidan Hutchinson is ‘a man that’s on a mission’

    With the No. 2 overall pick in the 2022 NFL Draft, the Detroit Lions happily selected EDGE Aidan Hutchinson out of the University of Michigan.

    The Lions knew they were getting a player who was going to give 100% on every play but since coming to Allen Park, Hutchinson has proven to be a better athlete than what the Lions' coaches thought he was on tape.

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    “Obviously, we’re very excited to have him, but I think he’s a better athlete than I thought he was,” Lions defensive line coach Todd Wash said. “(Head coach) Dan (Campbell) and I and even (general manager) Brad (Holmes), we’ve talked about it. I said he’s a better athlete than I thought he was off tape. There's kind of a unique way he can lean and bend that we didn’t necessarily always see on tape, but out here you really see it, and versus good competition. So we’re excited about where he’s at.”

    Detroit Lions: Aidan Hutchinson is ‘a man that's on a mission'

    Veteran defensive lineman Michael Brockers has been very impressed with Aidan Hutchinson and how he has conducted himself both on and off of the field.

    “Man, he’s a man that’s on a mission,” Brockers said of Hutchinson. “He does everything that he’s supposed to do. You don’t even have to tell him, and this is him doing a lot of his rookie duties. We didn’t even need to ask him. He just did it. ‘What do you guys need for the room?’

    “Okay, this is a man who thinks ahead of time and you can respect a man like that. He has a lot of respect in my book moving forward. We’re talking about food, right now. That’s very important to the game. The D-line room needs water and food and snacks in those meetings.”

    Nation, do you believe that Aidan Hutchinson will have a breakout rookie season or do you think it will take some time for him to impose his will on the rest of the NFL?

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