Detroit Lions Chances of Making the NFL Playoffs: Week 14 Edition

Detroit Lions Chances of Making the NFL Playoffs: Week 14 Edition.

Detroit Lions Chances of Making the NFL Playoffs: Week 14 Edition

With Week 13 of the NFL season wrapped up, the Detroit Lions have solidified their position as strong contenders for the playoffs. Following their impressive 33-28 victory over the New Orleans Saints, the Lions now boast a 9-3 record, leading the NFC North by a significant margin. This performance marks a notable shift for the team, which hasn't won their division since the 1993 season.

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A Promising Outlook According to ESPN’s Football Power Index

The latest update from ESPN’s Football Power Index (FPI) brings encouraging news for Lions fans. The 9-3 Lions are now projected with a 98.5 percent probability of making the postseason, a testament to their strong performance throughout the season. Additionally, the chances of the Lions clinching their first-ever NFC North title stand at an impressive 89.5 percent. This forecast is buoyed by the Lions' current three-game lead over their division rivals, the Green Bay Packers and the Minnesota Vikings, both holding 6-6 records.

TeamW-L-TProj W-LPlayoff%Win Div%Make Div%Make Conf%Make SB%Win SB%
Philadelphia Eagles10-2-013.5-3.5100.081.484.350.922.610.6
San Francisco 49ers9-3-012.9-4.1100.099.289.870.947.130.0
Dallas Cowboys9-3-012.2-4.899.918.675.540.419.611.0
Miami Dolphins9-3-012.2-4.899.496.384.955.532.115.0
Baltimore Ravens9-3-012.0-5.098.884.781.852.529.613.8
Detroit Lions9-3-011.7-5.398.589.361.719.66.02.1
Kansas City Chiefs8-4-011.4-5.698.195.178.546.824.211.4
Jacksonville Jaguars8-4-010.9-6.194.776.358.
Houston Texans7-5-010.0-7.069.414.722.
Green Bay Packers6-6-09.1-7.967.04.421.
Cleveland Browns7-5-09.8-
Atlanta Falcons6-6-08.5-8.559.056.816.
Indianapolis Colts7-5-09.5-7.456.58.914.
Pittsburgh Steelers7-5-09.4-7.655.87.316.
Minnesota Vikings6-6-08.4-8.549.76.314.
Los Angeles Rams6-6-08.7-8.343.10.713.
New Orleans Saints5-7-08.0-9.028.422.
Seattle Seahawks6-6-08.4-8.527.
Tampa Bay Buccaneers5-7-07.4-9.526.320.
Buffalo Bills6-6-08.9-
Los Angeles Chargers5-7-08.0-
Cincinnati Bengals6-6-08.3-8.712.
Denver Broncos6-6-08.2-8.812.
Chicago Bears4-8-06.3-
Las Vegas Raiders5-7-06.4-
New York Giants4-8-04.9-
Tennessee Titans4-8-05.6-
New England Patriots2-10-03.7-
New York Jets4-8-05.7-
Arizona Cardinals3-10-04.1-
Washington Commanders4-9-05.0-
Carolina Panthers1-11-02.5-
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A Strong Contender in the Postseason

Looking ahead to the playoffs, the Lions are positioned favorably. According to the ESPN FPI, they have over a 60 percent chance of winning their first playoff game, ranking them seventh-highest among NFL teams. While the probability of advancing beyond the divisional round decreases, this trend is consistent with most NFC teams, barring the standout San Francisco 49ers.

Super Bowl Aspirations

In terms of clinching the ultimate prize, the Super Bowl, Detroit's odds stand at 2 percent, placing them eighth in the league. While this might seem modest, it reflects a significant leap for a team that has struggled to make a deep playoff run in recent years.

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TL;DR (too long didn't read)

  1. Detroit Lions in Strong Playoff Position: After Week 13, the Detroit Lions stand at an impressive 9-3 record, following their victory over the New Orleans Saints. This places them comfortably in the lead within the NFC North, holding a substantial three-game advantage over their closest rivals.
  2. High Playoff Probability According to ESPN’s FPI: ESPN’s Football Power Index (FPI) projects a very high probability (98.5%) of the Lions making the playoffs this season. Additionally, the likelihood of them winning the NFC North title for the first time in franchise history is estimated at 89.5%.
  3. Potential for Postseason Success: The FPI not only favors the Lions to make it to the playoffs but also gives them a favorable chance (over 60%) of winning their first postseason game. While the odds decrease for advancing beyond the divisional round, they still maintain a competitive stance compared to other NFC teams.

The Bottom Line – A Season of Hope for Detroit

For the Detroit Lions, the 2022 NFL season has unfolded as a narrative of resurgence and hope. The team's current standing and the high probability of playoff participation mark a significant turnaround, igniting excitement among fans and players alike. While challenges undoubtedly lie ahead in the postseason, the Lions have demonstrated the tenacity and skill to compete at the highest level. As Week 14 approaches, Detroit's focus remains on maintaining their momentum and solidifying their place as a formidable force in the race for the Super Bowl.