Detroit Lions Close Chapter On Matt Patricia As They Look to Move Forward

Detroit Lions Fire Matt Patricia

Eric Vincent: Detroit Lions Close Chapter On Matt Patricia Lions Contract. Detroit Sports Nation. I am Eric Vincent, your host here at the DSN News Desk. Thanks for tuning in. We appreciate your time and support because today marks a very significant day if you’re a Detroit Lions fan, as of today the Detroit Lions, are no longer tied to the contract of Matt Patricia as it stands right now, January 23rd, 2023.

We could officially close the chapter on Matt Patricia, his deal, his existence with this franchise, and everything else that comes along with it. He is no longer tied to this franchise and it feels spectacular. We got a write-up on our website,, and to me, it feels important from a fan’s perspective, not the players’.

The players don’t care. The coaches, don’t mean anything to them. This is a new regime and a new time. But for us as fans, I think this is a huge step. Because for one, I think it’s safe to say in this city, you can make an argument that at least one player in the franchise of each team, the Pistons, the Detroit Lions, the Tigers, and the Red Wings, there’s at least one player that we all can think of for each team where we were.

Tied to a bad deal, tied to a bad draft pick that we didn’t want, and got rid of a coach that never really fit with the regime or the direction of your team. Like for me, the Pistons, it’s definitely Josh Smith, and I think Matt Patricia, to me, the worst coach in Lion’s history is right there, in that conversation.

We Must Get Rid Of Every Piece Of SOL That Exists

Eric Vincent: And now today is the day where we could step away and be removed from him because it also for me, signifies That if we are taking this step in this newfound leap in a new direction of prosperity for the Detroit Lions if we believe we’re getting to that place, we have to get rid of every piece of SOL that exists right now.

We have to be able to move forward and truly step in. We can’t be going into next year thinking, oh, well, they’re gonna be an SOL performance. They’re gonna find ways. Mm-hmm. That has to stop, guys. We cannot keep moving on with that type of mindset. If we’re optimistic, as we say we are. 

If we believe in this, Dan Campbell, Brad Holmes regime, the way we say we do we have to get rid of every piece of SOL that still exists. And I think today was a step in that direction, getting rid of Matt Patricia, getting rid of his name, getting rid of everything that he’s tied to with this franchise was a step in the right direction. Because he and Bob Quinn did nothing but hold this franchise back for years.

Matt Patricia & Bob Quinn Did Nothing But Hold This Franchise Back

Eric Vincent: Remember, wanted to set the bar of where, come on, say it with me. Remember what he said after your place, Jim Caldwell nine and seven isn’t good enough remember that? He set this bar where he was going to take that next step, be a double-digit victory type team, and he never even sniffed success as a Detroit Lions head coach.

Didn’t even come close to being successful. Never got to 500, never had a winning record, and never got a win in the division, if I’m not mistaken. Never got to the playoffs, nothing. Him and Bob Quinn did absolutely nothing but hold this team back from being a horrible play caller, from being a horrible roster builder in terms of trading free-agent signings.

And don’t get me started on the draft, we’re not gonna pick everything apart. We ain’t gonna do that, but just knowing everything that they did, even outside of play calling, like we’re sitting at a regime now that’s player-friendly with the coaching. And the coaches are able to relate to the players.

Reports Say Matt Patricia Isn’t Gonna Last In New England Anymore

Detroit Lions Close Chapter On Matt Patricia

Eric Vincent: They’re able to put the players in the best position to be successful and perform at their absolute best. We have coaches that are now turning down head coach opportunities to stay and build what’s going on in Detroit. Shout out to Ben Johnson. Like we have that here. Now, if we believe in this regime, the way we say we do, we gotta stand behind it and we have to get rid of everything that exists with Matt Patricia. 

We’re getting rid of all the bad memories, all the conversation, we put it up now to get rid of it once and for all. So all the Darius Slay slander we’ve given him. The hate that we’ve given for him trading away Quandre Diggs, the berating he did for, uh, A’Shawn Robinson. Everything that exists with the so-called rocket scientist head coach is going to be up in smoke now because guess what the reports are.

We’re Getting Rid Of The SOL Stigma & Those Who Represent It 

Eric Vincent: He ain’t even gonna last in New England anymore. Reports are circulating online that he may be out the door soon, which never should have happened in the first place. Because for one, he ain’t no offensive coordinator. You… we’re not gonna rant about the Patriots. The point is, we are now moving on. We are moving on.

I said we’re closing the chapter and moving. We ain’t closing no chapters. As a matter of fact, we tearing the whole chapter up. We are moving on completely in this book. Matter of fact, y’all think I’m playing. I’m dead serious right now. We are absolutely taking this step forward as Detroit Lions fans, but we are no longer worried about the SOL Days.

We are no longer letting the SOL stigma and those who represented it in this franchise. So we are getting rid of it. We getting rid of it completely. This is a step in the new direction, baby. If the brand new Detroit Lions are here, this is where it starts right now. Now I gotta clean all that up. 

Talk to me in the comment section. I love that you get feedback. Tell me this, actually in the comment section, what was the first thought in your mind when you found out that the Detroit Lions are no longer tied to the contract? In terms of Matt Patricia. Maybe you were as relieved as I was. Maybe you didn’t care at all. Maybe you’ve already removed from this guy.

Talk to me. I’d love to hear your feedback. Make sure you like the video and subscribe to the channel if you’re new to the channel. As we ramp up on our way to 6,000 subscribers, hit us up on social media as well. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, and all the above. Search and follow Detroit Sports Nation and tap in with me as well @IamEricVincent.

Thank you again for your time and support. We greatly appreciate it. I’ll see you again soon with another. Right here from the DSN News desk.

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