Detroit Lions DBs Coach Brian Duker is Heading to the Miami Dolphins

So much for for the Detroit Lions keeping their entire coaching staff in tact for the 2024 season.

Detroit Lions DBs Coach Brian Duker is Heading to the Miami Dolphins

According to NFL insider Tom Pelissero, the Miami Dolphins are set to welcome Detroit Lions DBs coach Brian Duker into their ranks as the new secondary coach/pass game coordinator. This news comes as a surprise, especially after earlier reports suggested that the Lions were poised to retain their entire coaching staff for the 2024 season.

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Duker's Journey in the NFL

Duker has been a rising star in the coaching realm, having spent the last three seasons with the Lions, with his most recent role being the defensive backs coach. Initially joining the team in 2021 as a defensive assistant, Duker had previously connected with the Lions' coaching staff during his time as an intern for the Cleveland Browns in 2015, when Lions‘ current defensive coordinator Aaron Glenn was serving as an assistant secondary coach.

In 2022, Duker was promoted to safeties coach, taking on expanded responsibilities after Aubry Pleasant‘s departure. His leadership and expertise were further recognized in 2023 with his promotion to defensive backs coach, a role augmented by the hiring of Dre Bly to assist with the cornerbacks.

TL;DR (too long didn't read)

  1. Brian Duker is leaving the Detroit Lions to join the Miami Dolphins as secondary coach/pass game coordinator, per reports from Tom Pelissero.
  2. Duker has shown significant growth in the NFL, starting from his days as a defensive assistant to becoming the DBs coach for the Lions.
  3. His departure marks a notable change for the Lions, who were initially expected to retain their entire coaching staff for the 2024 season.
Brian Duker

Bottom Line

Brian Duker‘s transition from the Detroit Lions to the Miami Dolphins highlights the ever-changing landscape of NFL coaching staffs. His expertise and approach to coaching the secondary will be missed by the Lions but will undoubtedly benefit the Dolphins as they seek to enhance their defensive play. This move not only represents a significant step in Duker‘s coaching career but also underscores the dynamic nature of NFL team strategies and their continuous quest for improvement.

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