Detroit Lions DC Aaron Glenn and OC Ben Johnson land 2nd Interview with Falcons

Detroit Lions DC Aaron Glenn and OC Ben Johnson land 2nd Interview with NFL team.

Detroit Lions DC Aaron Glenn and OC Ben Johnson land 2nd Interview with Falcons

In the midst of their preparations for a crucial NFC Championship Game against the San Francisco 49ers, Detroit Lions offensive coordinator Ben Johnson and defensive coordinator Aaron Glenn find themselves in the spotlight for another reason. According to Michael Rothstein's recent report, the Atlanta Falcons have expressed significant interest in both Johnson and Glenn, requesting second interviews with each of them.

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Why it matters: A Testament to Lions' Staff Excellence

This development is a testament to the caliber of the coaching staff at the Detroit Lions. Johnson, known for his innovative offensive strategies, and Glenn, recognized for his defensive acumen, have played pivotal roles in the Lions' successful season. Their ability to draw repeated interest from the Falcons underscores the high regard in which they are held across the league. These potential interviews indicate both the Falcons' serious consideration of these candidates and the growing reputation of the Lions' coaching team.

TL;DR (too long didn't read)

  1. Atlanta Falcons request a second interview with Detroit Lions OC Ben Johnson and DC Aaron Glenn.
  2. Both coaches have been instrumental in the Lions' successful season, leading to heightened interest from other NFL teams.
  3. The interviews are scheduled to take place next week, post the NFC Championship Game.

The Bottom Line – Lions' Coaches in High Demand

The Detroit Lions find themselves in a unique position with two of their key coordinators, Ben Johnson and Aaron Glenn, being sought after by the Atlanta Falcons for their head coaching vacancy. This interest from the Falcons is a strong validation of the exceptional work done by Johnson and Glenn in Detroit. Although their immediate focus is on the NFC Championship, the recognition they're receiving from other NFL teams speaks volumes about their impact and potential. These developments could see a shift in the Lions' coaching landscape, depending on the outcome of these interviews.

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